Reforming Education and Immigration Policies to rebuild Global Economy

Due to the lack of skilful and talented professionals, the United States is facing an adversity to its leadership in global economy.
Though there are many American companies those are in urgent need of professionals from various fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), these vacancies are unable to fill, as there are very few workers who are skilful, let alone the professionals who hold post-secondary STEM credentials.
Thus the places for high-skilled domestic jobs with high-skilled American workers are unable to fill at employers’ side.
Moreover, there is a certain ever growing gap between the young people, few of which prosper grabbing the opportunities with their skills and education, while others are left behind because they lack the same.

In their effort to rebuild the economy, employers and policymakers face the following questions:
- How to bring about a change in the education system for students so that the next generation will have the skills that would ensure their place in the competition?
- To deal with the workforce in future, what changes are needed in the policies that deal with education and immigration?
- How can the current employers, policymakers, educators come forward and help for the same by leading the movement?

On September 27, the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings will be conducting a session on STEM education and immigration reforms. Brad Smith, executive vice president and general counsel of Microsoft, will deliver the key notes, and the session will be moderated by Vice President and Director of Governance Studies, Darrell M. West.
The discussion panel will include:
Michael McShane – Research Fellow, Education Policy at The American Enterprise Institute;
Nicole Smith – Research Professor and Senior Economist at Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce;
Stan Jones – President at Complete College America.

The main discussion points will include how change in policies can uplift the American competitiveness and economic opportunities for workers of current as well as future generations thereby rebuilding the global economy.
The event is supposed to be webcast and live Tweeted. The speakers will take questions from the audience after the program.


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