Driver’s License for Undocumented Immigrants in California

California Governor, Jerry Brown, signed a bill (Assembly Bill 2189) on September 30, 2012, allowing an unspecified number of undocumented immigrants in California to become eligible to apply for driver’s license.
The undocumented individuals who meet the required eligibility under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program can apply for it.
There are as many as 400,000 undocumented immigrants who qualify for the same.
The bill will affect the individuals who are between the ages 15 and 31, had come to U.S. before 16 and have continuously resided in this country for past five years.
A large number of individuals had been immigrated to U.S. under their parent’s application. But, once they reached their age of 21, they no longer qualified as U.S. immigrant, thereby making them illegal to stay any longer.
With Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) under effect since August 6, 2002, if a child ages out (i.e. reaches 21 year old) before the process for permanent residence is completed, the ‘child’ status is protected for family-based immigrants, employment-based immigrants and also some humanitarian program immigrants (refugees, asylees, VAWA).
Thus, the individuals who are accepted under CSPA will be eligible to apply for California’s driver license.
It can be said that the passing of such bill for undocumented immigrants has further provided an enhancement of safety.
However, there are also opposition voices those showing concerns with such an act as there are chances that it can also be misused, for driver’s license is used as identification for most of the public purposes.
It is therefore necessary to conduct a thorough background check of such an applicant for felony or misdemeanour in the past.


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