Latinos Voters crucial Deciders in 3 Key States

As the election is drawing nearer both Republican Party and Democratic Party are finding the Latino Voters as crucial part of the final decision in three key states of Colorado, Florida, and Nevada. This came into picture when a poll conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center from September 7, 2012 to October 4, 2012 showed that there are as many as 77 percent of Latino registered voters who said are certain to vote as compared to 89 percent over all.
Though President Obama has a lot of backing from Latino voters in Iowa, North Carolina, and Virginia, his campaign team is targeting the three key states to boost the numbers.
Even as President Obama garnered a lot of attention with his full-length Spanish speech, Mitt Romney also spoke regarding the Spanish voters by saying how they consider the economy as the major issue in the United States.
President Obama campaign is leaving no stone unturned to roll up an outsize margin among the Spanish Americans who could push him to the victory in the three states, while that of Mitt Romney is trying really hard to keep the opposition numbers down.
Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico, a Republican who is campaigning for Mr. Romney, believes that it is as good as a battle to cut into President Obama’s lead with Latinos, but Mr. Romney is not far behind either and catching up fast.
The number of potential Latino-voters has been rising in Colorado and Nevada.
In case of Florida, Puerto Ricans are in a steady upsurge, shifting the Cubans, a major Republican bloc, to create room for them.
Now, majority of the Puerto Ricans proving to be Democrats, there is a great opportunity for the Mr. Obama’s campaign to shift the table to their side in the coming election.
According to Kantar Media, which tracks advertising spending, Mr. Obama’s campaign and its supporters have spent $8.9 million on Spanish-language television stations in the three key states, compared with $4.6 million by Mr. Romney.
Both the parties are making efforts and reaching out there, gearing up and fighting for every kind of vote they can garner, for it is clear on both sides that Latino voters will be the deciders in the approaching election.
Recently conducted survey by Pew Hispanic Center showed that Mr. Obama was leading Mr. Romney among the Hispanic voters nationwide 69 percent to 21 percent.
According to the exit polls in 2008, Mr. Obama had pulled in 61 percent in Colorado, 57 percent in Florida, and 76 percent in Nevada. And, the current leads among Hispanics once again prove a good lead to Mr. Obama’s campaign in these three states.
Mark Hugo Lopez, the Pew Hispanic Center’s associate director, believes that the recently implemented Deferred Action plays a pivotal part in turning the numbers favourably for Mr. Obama.
The biggest challenge still remains as nothing can be said firmly yet until the turn outs.


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