Drug violence drives Mexicans to seek asylum in the United States

As the drug-related violence is taking toll, there have been a gradual but large number of migrations of Mexican citizens seeking protection and shelter in the United States.

There has been a rapid rise in the influx of Mexicans by using Border Crossing Card and sometimes illegally too.

The asylum-seekers are fleeing their home country in the wake of drug-violence that has infiltrated the system itself, breeding corruption among public officials and law enforcement.

There have been cases reported where the people have been abused by police and the military, even murdered in some cases where the victim refused to pay the bribe money or consent with their demands.

Due to these calamities that prevails in Mexico, the citizens have lost hope to seek support from the officials.

While a good bunch of government officials believe in prosecuting these corrupt officials and bring justice, they find it very difficult with the victims fleeing to other countries seeking asylum.

The victims cannot be blamed though, for the challenges and vulnerabilities they face are of extreme nature and all they are doing is to try to protect themselves and their family.


As the hope for protection from the Mexican government is dwindling, the Mexicans are seeking ways to get into the United States.

There are effectively two ways they seek asylum:

  1. 1)Affirmatively
  2. 2)Defensively

The Mexicans who have already entered the United States by using Border Crossing Card or with the help of relatives who are already residents of the country, and then come forward to apply with U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. This way of seeking asylum is Afirmatively.

On the other hand, when the person seeking asylum has been detained at a port of entry, which can be an airport or a bridge crossing, he or she will have to face the proceedings in the court of immigration for illegally trying to enter the country, it is called Defensively.


Not that all the seekers are provided with asylum in the country, for there are many cases where they have been deported back to their home country, and a few of the seekers even give up and return to Mexico due to the longer duration that it takes to come to resolution.

Though all the Mexicans who seek asylum are scrutinized like other applicants, it is necessary that they show ‘credible fear’ which can be defined as "a well-founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion" to fit into the criteria, and violence alone cannot be the factor that would qualify a seeker for asylum.


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