Latinos major factor in Obama’s Victory

In the wake of Obama’s victory this Tuesday, it was evident that the Latinos were the main deciders of this election with their double-digit turnout.

According to the exit polls, 71 percent of Latinos voted for Obama, while a low number of 27 percent went for the challenger, Mitt Romney.

This shows that the country is accepting diversity as it comes, and the immigrants are playing major roles in demographic changes all over.

Considering the 7 percent attendance of Latinos in the election back in 2008, it was a debatable topic if Latinos would be inclined in voting this election season too.

However, this time Latinos turned out to be the deciders in key swing states, which turned out to be in favour of Obama due to Mitt Romney’s hard statements in the matter of immigration and other government assistance programs.

It did not go well with the Latinos and they even felt that he did not respect them as much as they deserved, while Obama was someone whom they really looked forward to address their problems.

It cannot be said that the Latinos had an instant inclination toward Obama, for as the statistics go, as many as 400,000 immigrants a year were deported under his watch in his first term.

Moreover, as promised earlier when he was elected in 2008, his fight to reform the immigration issues weren’t much appreciable.

Earlier this year, however, Obama introduced the Deferred Action program that suspended deportations for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States when they were minor and also met some stringent criteria.

This created a wave of popularity among the Latinos.

Thereafter, Mitt Romney’s remarks about discontinuing the same program, his inadequate manoeuvres  to gain confidence among the Latinos, and his uncertainty about what, exactly, he would do with the immigrants who are expected to benefit out of it put him in bad light.

Coupling everything together, the Latinos inclined further toward Obama; and the result is out, proving that Latinos are the major factor in deciding the election campaign.


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