Community and Detainee Helpline glides up to Second Phase

In its effort to enhance public engagement and address their needs more efficiently, the U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) has launched the second phase of ICE Community and Detainee Helpline (CDH).  Detainees from ERO of a few major cities, namely Washington, Baltimore, Atlanta, Miami and New Orleans, will be able to directly connect with The Office of the Public Advocate by using toll-free telephone systems provided at the facilities.

The toll-free helpline is a direct connection that will provide the detainees with opportunities to obtain basic immigration case information, report systemic incidents, or inform ICE of pertinent issues such as detainee vulnerabilities. This easy access is definitely not meant to replace regular staff-detainee communications or the field offices’ regular exchanges with their stakeholders.

Expanding the CDH is a joint venture between ERO’s Office of the Public Advocate and its Custody Management Division (CMD), and the expansion in itself will take place over several phases, with implementation all over the country by the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2013. Protocols have been established by The Office of the Public Advocate to make sure that all the issues pertaining to the helpline are managed efficiently and in a timely manner.

The ERO operators, who manage all the call to CDH, are well-trained to identify specific concerns, summarize salient points, and direct them to the appropriate field offices or HQ for appropriate review and action. This ensures a great deal of transparency, and conflicts can be resolved efficiently, while on a broader note it will promote further connections with the stakeholders even as it builds bridges between communities.

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