Lower Tuition Rates for Young Undocumented Immigrants in Massachusetts

It must have come as a great relief for the young illegal immigrants in Massachusetts as Governor Deval Patrick announced that from November 19, 2012 the state colleges and universities will allow them to pay lower rates for tuition and fees once they get work permits through a new federal program instituted by President Barack Obama.

The introduction of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was widely applauded by the immigrants with their deportation coming to halt, but the decision of whether to give benefit of lower rates to the young immigrants was left to individual states. Governor Patrick‚Äôs announcement put all the anxious thoughts to rest for those in the state, though reviewing every immigrant for the eligibility for the lower rates would take some time.

To qualify for the lower rates, the students not only need to meet the requirements under the DACA program but also all current state rules for admission to the college and universities. The announcement has curbed down the college education rates drastically for undocumented immigrants who had been paying high rates all along. At the same time, some criticized the decision by saying that it could only mean the struggle for American citizens to get into affordable college is being disregarded.

It was voiced that the Governor and the President should be focussing more on the well-being of the American citizens first before going further to support illegal immigrants afford college. Nonetheless, with the decision being effective immediately after the announcement, the young undocumented immigrants seeking education can only rejoice with the lower rates and also refund for semesters in some cases. The decision may not be a grander part of immigration reform, but it surely is a major step toward the goal.


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