Aliens to be deported still found in the U. S. due to discrepancy in the Federal Government’s System

It should come as a set-back to the federal government’s system known as Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements program (SAVE) that tracks the immigration status, for a review showed great deal of discrepancy in the sorting methods for who among the aliens gets to stay and who gets deported. Upon auditing, it has come to notice that one out of eight aliens chosen to be deported is found approved, and many of the ones who got green lights have severe criminal records that ranged from stalking, burglar, child abuse, assault, to extortion and drug convictions. There are almost 800,000 immigrants who should have been deported, and yet are still on the soil of the United States.

The SAVE system, maintained by the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), acts as a filter point to mark out illegal immigrants from availing benefits like driver’s license and new health-care benefits apart from the usual one. However, upon selecting random samples of queries to the system, it was found that 12 percent of the time, the system gave green lights to an immigrant who should be actually deported.

Due to such a discrepancy, the immigrant who should have been deported instead qualifies to be granted financial and other benefits that include educational grants, housing assistance, etc. There have been cases where a homicide and manslaughter convict, who had been ordered to deport, sought student aid after SAVE green-lighted him; and another one convicted of multiple felonies including extortion and abuse was given OK by SAVE.

To avoid such dire consequences, it is necessary to keep the records up-to-date and not spanning across various agencies causing confusion and delay.


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