Immigration Bill from President Obama crucial – Patrick Leahy

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), voiced his belief that sending an immigration bill written by President Obama listing the comprehensive immigration reform solutions will be the best way to progress, for such a method will already lay a foundation to start the work. It has been a long time since the debates regarding similar legislation are hovering, so putting everything to rest, Leahy also mentioned that an immigration bill will commence regardless of what President Obama decides.

A few Democrats, however, believe that such a comprehensive bill from President Obama will only start the negotiations on a bitter note with Republicans. Moreover, there is already a group of Republican negotiators working on immigration policy in the Senate which is expected to come out in early February, contributing to the negotiations on immigration thereby proving how keen are their views on immigration reform.

A few days ago, President Obama already mentioned that there would be one swift bill that will include a route to citizenship for the unauthorized immigrants, easier ways for highly skilled individuals to acquire job, visas for entrepreneurs who bring jobs into the U. S., tighten border security, and strengthen employment verification process. It rests upon Leahy to move it through the legislative process.

While Leahy is okay with others voicing their views and opinions, he wants to make sure that the bill reaches Senate.



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