Immigration Reform plan that covers path to Citizenship?

Even as the discussion and debate over terms of Immigration Reform hovers around this year, a Republican group of U. S. senators has proposed a bill that covers the top priority issue of providing a path to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. But, it comes with a condition of necessitating strengthening and securing borders of the country. According to the proposal, the illegal immigrants will not be provided permanent status until strict and stringent measures are taken to control immigrants flow across the U. S. borders. Also, the immigrants whose visas have expired or eventually expire will have to leave the country.

According to the proposal, the unauthorized immigrants will have to pay a fine to avail probationary legal status that will allow them to work. This means that in due course they all will have to go through the process of applying for the permanent status. Along with the temporary legal status, the proposal also has plans to keep the highly skilled foreign workers in the U. S. and also providing ways to bring the unskilled labour. The proposal also states that before any unauthorized immigrant walks down the path toward citizenship, provisions should be made to track departures of foreigners who have entered the country through seaports and airports.

While the proposal seems as comprehensive as the time asks for, it is not yet sure if President Obama will be satisfied with the temporary relief for the large number of illegal immigrants, as he already mentioned earlier that establishing a path for citizenship is top priority to him.


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