What can you do to better position yourself to take advantage of the immigration reforms on the horizon?

Comprehensive Immigration Reform seems to be imminent. Last week, the legislative and executive branches of government both introduced promising proposals for critical immigration reforms. Understandably, foreign nationals in this country who have eagerly awaited immigration relief on the sidelines are hopeful yet anxious.

We recommend that foreign nationals who want to benefit from any of the coming immigration bills take steps now to preserve evidence that might bolster their case in the future. It is very important that you and your family be able to prove your presence in the U.S. for the entire time you have lived here. We recommend that people who want to take advantage of the coming laws try to preserve the following documents: 

  • Valid AND/OR Expired Passport, Visa, I-94, any Receipt from USCIS.
  • Any Identification Card (Such as Driver License, Identification Card, School ID, etc.).
  • School Records (Such as Transcripts, report Card, etc.) (We can also include these documents from children, if they have any).
  • Medical Records from hospital or doctor visits.
  • Lease Agreement (evidence of receipt of cash payment with your name on it is particularly useful).
  • Utilities Bill (such as phone, electricity, gas, cable, internet, etc.).
  • Official Records from Religious entity in the USA, such as records of baptisms, weddings, etc.
  • Travel Records such as transportation tickets, hotel receipts, etc.
  • Money order receipts, vehicle registration, insurance policies, etc.
  • Any receipts from Western Union.
  • Traffic Tickets.
  • Any major purchases like furniture or car repairs.
  • bus and air tickets from travel within the U.S.
  • Any mail that you received while you have lived in the U.S.
  • Hotel stay invoices
  • Records from county or city libraries.
  • School Records of children with the names of their parents on them.
  • Any other document that you think proves your presence in the U.S.

The above list that we provided is not intended to limit the list of documents you may have to prove your eligibility but more to give you an idea of the types of documents you should start preserving now.


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