Path to Permanent Residency offered by White House immigration plan

New immigration proposal from White House gives a path to permanent residency to the illegal immigrants in the United States. The details of the draft of White House immigration proposal was let out to public through USA TODAY. President Obama also stated that he would go ahead and send a bill based upon his proposal and procure votes for the same, in case Congress takes time to react.

Following are the key points of the draft:

  • Provision of legal status for undocumented residents within eight years;
  • Will require the immigration status of the newly hired employees by business owners within four years;
  • The 11 million immigrants can apply for Lawful Prospective Immigrant visa;
  • Spouses and children of approved immigrants also eligible to apply for Lawful Prospective Immigrant visa;
  • Disqualified from the program in case convicted of a crime that led to a prison term of at least one year, three or more different crimes resulting in a total of 90 days imprisonment;
  • New identification card as proof of legal status in the country;
  • The immigrants can then apply for green card within eight years provided they learn English, pay back taxes and have knowledge of history and government of the United States;
  • Social Security card that are fraud-resistant, tamper-resistant and wear-resistant to prevent fraud, required to be issued by Social Security Administration within two years
  • Increase in border patrol


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