FAQs 2015 H-1B Visa Lottery

Now that your application has been filed and will be in the H-1B visa lottery, or “random selection” as it is referred to by USCIS, you want to know what happens next. While we have no exact answers, we can give you a pretty good idea of what will occur based on the previous H-1B lotteries in 2008, 2009 and 2013. The most important question first!

Question 1: When will I know if I have been selected?!
Answer 1: Acceptance and rejection notices begin to trickle in by the beginning of May, but can be sent as late as July.

Question 2: If I filed with Premium Processing will I receive notice of my selection early?
Answer 2: This will have no effect on your selection in the lottery, or how quickly we get back your acceptance or rejection notice. However, USCIS has announced for this lottery that they will start the 15 day clock on all Premium Processing cases filed under the Master’s quota no later than April 28. However, that processing date is based on the amount of applications USCIS received in previous lotteries, so it may be subject to change if USCIS receives more of this type of petition than in previous lotteries.

Question 3: How will the lottery be conducted?
Answer 3: USCIS will assign each application a number when it is received into their system. At the end of Monday, April 7the lottery will close. USCIS will run a program which an algorithm which randomly selects numbers assigned to the applications.

Question 4: If I filed under the Master’s quota, will I have a better chance of being selected?
Answer 4: If more than 20,000 applications were filed under the Master’s quota, USCIS will conduct the lottery for the Masters quota first and select 20,000 applications. Applications that are rejected in the lottery for Master’s quota will have a second chance to win the lottery and will be put into the regular lottery with those who filed under the Bachelor’s quota.

Question 5: How will my application be selected if I filed under the Bachelor’s quota?
Answer 5: After the Master’s quota applicants are selected, those applications which were not selected in the Master’s quota will be added to the pool of applicants in the Bachelor’s quota. USCIS will then conduct the lottery for all applicants in the Bachelor’s quota and those not selected in the Master’s quota.


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