Correcting Errors on your I-94

By Adena Bowman, Attorney at Law


After entering the country from traveling abroad, you go to access your electronic I-94 online at the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) website. As you stare at the screen, you realize your I-94 has an error on it, or are completely unable to pull up your I-94 at all.

In previous years, upon entry into the United States you would have been handed your stamped I-94 at the airport. If an error was later discovered on your I-94, you were required to go to your local Deferred Inspection Office and have the I-94 corrected. In April 2013, CBP switched to an electronic system which tracks your travel history and arrival information. Now that CBP has switched to an electronic system, you might assume the correction process would also have been made electronic, with an email address or form to contact CBP to correct the mistake. However, this is not the case.

To date, CBP still requires those who either have errors on their I-94 or who are unable to find the electronic copy of the I-94 to go to their local Deferred Inspection office. There may be alternatives available to avoid going to a Deferred Inspection office. If you have an error on your electronic I-94, or are unable to access your electronic I-94, before going to your local Deferred Inspection Office, contact an attorney to review the specific facts of your case.


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