Having Trouble with CBP When Entering the United States Due to a Flag on Your Name? Try Global Entry

What is Global Entry?

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Fiscal Year 2014 Performance and Accountability Report, 107 million aircraft passengers underwent CBP processing when traveling to the United States in 2014. With so many travelers entering and leaving the United States each year, it is common for some individuals to be subjected to the added wait and hassle of undergoing “secondary inspection” by CBP when traveling, merely because they share a similar name with someone on a U.S. government watchlist. As the U.S. Department of Homeland Security states on its website, “Many people erroneously believe that they are experiencing a screening delay because they are on a watchlist. In fact, such delays are often caused merely by a name similarity to another person who is on the watchlist.”

One way to avoid additional screening delays and expedite entry into the U.S. if you encounter such problems is by enrolling in CBP’s Global Entry program. Instead of undergoing traditional customs inspection by a U.S. border control agent, the Global Entry program allows arriving travelers to become pre-approved as a “trusted traveler” for entry into the United States, and allows them to enter the U.S. by simply answering a few questions at an automated kiosk and scanning their fingerprints. Global Entry can help any U.S. citizen or permanent resident save time at Customs, but is especially useful for those who find they frequently encounter delays and secondary inspection when traveling. 

TSA Pre-Check

An added benefit of joining Global Entry is that all Global Entry members are eligible to participate in the TSA Pre-Check program. Pre-Check can allow you to skip the line at airport security, even when you are not traveling internationally. Pre-Check flyers not only save time in line, but also are able to pass through security screening without removing their shoes, jacket, or belt, or having to take laptops out from their bags. Registering for Pre-Check alone normally costs $85 for five years; however, Pre-Check is included with a Global Entry membership, making Global Entry a worthwhile alternative for those who also travel internationally. 

How Do I Join Global Entry?

In order to qualify for Global Entry, an applicant must first complete an online application through the Global Online Enrollment System (“GOES”, found at https://goes-app.cbp.dhs.gov/main/goes) and pay the $100 application fee. Once the application is reviewed, you will receive a message in your GOES account instructing you to schedule a 30-minute in-person interview at one of the Global Entry enrollment centers, located at most U.S. international airports and major border crossings. At the interview, a CBP officer will ask you questions, take your photo, and scan your fingerprints to be entered into the Global Entry system. You will then be notified if your application is approved, allowing you to start traveling without future delays and inconvenience for up to five years.



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