Clinton promises Comprehensive Immigration Reform ASAP – What would this mean for me?

Paloma Feghali, Attorney at Law, Reddy & Neumann PC

Hillary Clinton has advocated for Comprehensive Immigration Reform as part of her Presidential platform. More recently, she has reaffirmed her promise to do so within her first 100 days in office. This article outlines what we could expect from this reform.

The cornerstone of Hillary’s immigration reform is a pathway to full and equal citizenship for undocumented immigrants. She is promising to fix the family visa backlog and bring millions of hardworking people into the formal United States economy. She has also advocated to get rid of the 3 and 10 year bars, which require undocumented immigrants to leave the United States for an extended period of time before returning legally.

What Hillary has not specifically addressed at this point is how she will handle work visas. Clinton’s past demonstrates her knowledge of the importance of the H-1B, especially to India. While in Congress, Clinton co-founded and co-chaired the Senate India Caucus and had connections to Tata Consultancy Services, one of the largest IT services firms in India. These connections continued through her tenure as secretary of state. However, she has not acknowledged any plans to reform the H-1B system.

Finally, as part of Hillary’s immigration solution, she has advocated to “staple” a green card to STEM Masters degrees and PHD’s from accredited institutions. This reform would be quite significant, as it would bypass the H-1B lottery system and would not require the grads to be tied to a specific employer.


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