Trump's Elections Impact on Immigration

Donald Trump has won the United States presidential election, but the sky is not falling, and there is no reason to panic.

The past year of Presidential campaign rhetoric has made immigrants and nonimmigrant workers alike fearful for the future. But remember that much of the rhetoric is just talk, and much of the fear may not be warranted.

First, the visa categories and their counts are controlled by Congress. A President Trump therefore cannot take away visas on his own. Additionally, based on his business history, his consistent campaign rhetoric in favor of legal immigration, and his wife’s previous status as an H-1B fashion model, Donald Trump is highly unlikely to limit legal immigration.

Second, the outcome of a Donald Trump presidency could be an improved legal immigration system. Although both houses of Congress are under Republican control, the Republican Party is splintered, and will require aid from Democrat lawmakers to pass reforms in any area, including immigration. This will demand building consensus, which may be assisted in Trump’s famed flexibility and deal-making.

Finally, the United States is a democratic republic. We vote for our leaders, and can vote for new leaders if their predecessors failed us. President-elect Trump is tasked with the enormous duty of healing deep divides in class, race, gender, and nationality. His progress will be reviewed by the voters just two years from now in the mid-term elections for Congress, and again in four years for his own re-election. People are expecting not just change, but improvement to the way legal immigration works. His feet will be held to the fire by both political parties to make good changes happen.

There is constant change in the United States, but voter-based change is the promise which the country was founded on. Regardless whether your favorite candidate won or lost their election, President Trump must be a President for every American.


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