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Our considerable success isn't surprising when you realize it's based on the skill and expertise of our people. We have an experienced and diverse office staff with the ability to speak in several languages, including: Hindi, Spanish, Kannada, Gujarathi, Telugu, Konkani, Urdu, and Marathi.  

Our attorneys combine distinguished academic credentials with a broad range of experience in business immigration, creating a team that has played a significant role in promoting the growth of our clients’ businesses since the firm's inception in 1997.


Company Profile

At Reddy & Neumann, P.C., our success is anchored in our experience. From filing, through approval, and on to appeal, we do everything possible to ensure that your company can bring the best and brightest in the world to the United States.

Whatever your needs

Our office represents corporate clients across the country to support their efforts to bring foreign workers and business professionals to the United States. Our clients range from small, newly established companies to large-scale, global corporations in industries including Information Technology, Engineering, Finance, Insurance, Banking, Governments, Telecommunications, Research and Development, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Pharmaceuticals.

We do the work for you

What sets our immigration practice apart from other offices is our commitment to providing our clients with prompt, professional, and thorough legal services. Our office is unique in its ability to provide timely, personalized service and attention. We respond quickly and efficiently to client inquiries. Our friendly, professional, and experienced staff members pride themselves on their ability to understand corporate client needs. Information about your case is at your fingertips through our uniquely designed client database system. Our service model allows us to process your case quickly and effortlessly so that you can get on with business.

Superior expertise

Our experience lets us handle any facet of business immigration, including specialty occupation workers, specialized knowledge workers, multinational executives and managers, NAFTA professionals, healthcare professionals, and a host of other categories of complex immigration cases.

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