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Immigrant Vote Potential – Citizenship Day 2012

Thousands of immigrants are turning into naturalized U. S. Citizens every year. And, for many of them, achieving this milestone means that they can exercise their right to vote.
With the growing number of immigrants and their U.S.-born children who are coming of age and becoming voters, the voter registration rate has been rising perpetually.
Nonetheless, there are as many as eight million eligible legal immigrants who have not yet registered to become naturalized U.S. Citizens. It thereby reduces the potential of immigrant vote. According to data available with U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), some of the LPRs went ahead and became U. S. Citizens while many stayed LPRs in spite of their eligibility.
These waiting-voters have immense electoral power; they have the ability to even turn the tables altogether with their votes in elections.
If the eligible Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) registered themselves to vote, then it could raise the voter counts of many counties across the country. There are many counties where the number of LPRs exceeds the margin of victory in the Obama-McCain election.
Voter registration can be surmised as the percent of naturalized immigrants (those who have become U.S. Citizens) who are registered to vote. The number of these registered immigrant voters is not generally compared to the total number of immigrants (both documented and undocumented).
Even then, most of the immigrants are legally residing non-citizens or they are undocumented. Hence, to calculate the registration rate, it is required to include these immigrants to measure overall registration. This will give a clear idea of how many immigrants are available to vote and whether their percent is going up or falling down over time.
In this period of considerable immigration, it is not a small achievement for the immigrant voter registration rate to increase. It implies that naturalization is outspreading non-citizens’ immigration who don’t or can’t register to vote.
It surely would prove valuable if these eligible immigrants considered becoming naturalized U.S. Citizens and registered themselves to vote. Their voter rolls could make a huge difference in future elections.


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