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Undocumented Immigrants anxious over Mitt Romney’s statement against Deferred Action

Mr. Mitt Romney’s recent statements created an upsurge of chaos among the young immigrants in the United States. He stated that if he comes into power as President, he would not allow the Deffered Action program that President Obama imposed in August, which provides young immigrants a two-year reprieve from getting deported.
At the same time, Mr. Romney also maintained that respecting Mr. Obama’s decision, he would not revoke the exemptions from the young illegal immigrants who are already granted deferral.
He also mentioned that this is just a way to secure his position for the approaching general election, otherwise there was no point in waiting for a long period of four-and-a-half year and then impose this law that should have been imposed a earlier when Mr. Obama had Democratic House and Senate.
Nonetheless, these announcements have brought about a lot of confusion and concern among the people who find themselves in a position where they are not sure anymore whether to open up their concerned situations to the present Government with the fear that the same information could be used against them under new presidential rule.
According to estimation there are approximately 800,000 young illegal immigrants who won’t be able to apply in time to get approval before the inauguration in January because the documentation and filing would consume a lot of time.
In that case, these immigrants are very likely to lose their chances of getting granted deferral and the work permits if Mr. Romney comes into force.
An independent estimate shows that there are roughly 1.2 million illegal immigrants who are eligible to apply for President Obama’s deferral action. Out of these, as many as 179,794 immigrants have applied, but even after fast work by the federal agency incharge, only 4,591 deferrals have been approved.
Under current situation where Mr. Romney stands, the young illegal immigrants only have a breathing period of five-month to receive reprieve against deportation under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
Adding a sense of relief to his statements, he also mentioned that he would be working on a long-term solution for these immigrants rather than the current temporary relief provided by the Deferred Action.
On the other side, Mr. Romney supports green cards for illegal immigrants who serve in the military and for the foreign students who earn advanced degrees in math, science and engineering at American universities.
Other few actions under Mr. Romeny’s watch include securing the border strongly, including the completion of fence along the Mexican border, and a mandatory verification of prospective employee’s right to work in the United States.


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