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Latino Voters’ engagement this Election Season

The number of Latinos eligible to vote is seen to be rising, and it has become a necessary task to monitor them and keep a record of its growth during every election season. As the election is approaching fast, it is interesting to find that not only these eligible Latino voters are gearing up to vote but also helping and persuading others to register as well.
A survey conducted in October 2012 showed that almost fourteen percent of Latino voters spent time in influencing and helping others to volunteer or register for the campaign.
According to the polls, this season the majority of the people engaging themselves in the campaign are from the age group between 45 and 65. Also, as good as 89 percent of the voters from this age group are expected to vote, and 59 percent have tried to persuade other voters to engage.
Over all, 45 percent of Latino voters tried to persuade friends and family about politics while 56 percent are very enthusiastic about voting this election.
As far as the numbers go, a good 84 percent of Latino voters have showed positive inclination and are quite certain to vote this season.
Mr. Romney have been doing fairly good among the national polls, but unfortunately there haven’t been much support from the Latino voters.
On the other hand, President Obama’s campaign has found a renewed strength with the growing number of support from Latino voters who are very enthusiastic about the approaching election.
The recent studies already show it is very likely that Latino voters will prove as deciders in this election.
And, though it can have strong implications on both Republican Party and Democratic Party, it will be a very strong factor in turning the results in President Obama’s favour with the growing support of Latino voters.
Nonetheless, only the final results will show who will be still standing when the election season is over.


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