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H-1B Amended Required When Beneficiaries Move Work Locations

On April 9, 2015, the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) issued definitive guidance on whether a move in work locations constitutes a “material change in the terms and conditions of employment” for H-1B filing purposes.  Before this decision, H-1B Petitioners have relied on policy guidance that could be interpreted as not to require an amended H-1B petition whenever H-1B Beneficiaries moved work locations.

Not anymore.

According to the AAO in its Matter of Simeio Solutions, LLC decision, “[a] change in the place of employment of a beneficiary to a geographical area requiring a corresponding LCA be certified … with respect to that beneficiary … is therefore a material change … When there is a material change in the terms and conditions of employment, the petitioner must file an amended or new H-1B petition with the corresponding LCA.”

Now, whenever an H-1B Beneficiary moves to another geographic work location, the H-1B Petitioner must file a new or amended H-1B petition along with a new certified LCA reflecting the change in work location.

This will be particularly cumbersome for the IT industry, where H-1B Beneficiaries routinely change work locations as per the industry's business model.

We will keep you posted on this on April 15th , 2015.


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