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Irresponsible State Department Wasting Green Cards

Video Transcript

Irresponsible State Department Wasting Green Cards
Meng's Amendment to Restrict Spillover of Green Cards to Employment-Based Category
Cap Gap - What You Should Know
Travel Bans - When Will They End?

To Avoid the Wastage of Green Cards, we recommend that you write a letter to your Local Congressmen, Senator and CIS Ombudsmen – Please find the draft at this link:
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How to Interfile Your Medical Exam with Pending I-485

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Questions Time Stamp
Can we expect EB3 to be current in 2022? 15:08:00
Can I get the medical before receiving the RFE? My attorney does not want to do the interfiling with the medicals.  17:46:00
Is there anyway to find out if the medicals are on file? 22:06:00
Charlie might be double counting EB3 applications in EB2 category as well, please advise. 22:47:00
Tried premium processing his EB3 downgrade but USCIS rejected it saying they couldn't locate the original labor certification that was file in EB2. Wants to know if these documents are electronically available shouldn't they be easy to locate? 26:44:00
My priority date is 6/30/2014 EB2, is it the right time to change company if employer is not willing to do the downgrade? 28:03:00
Can we file an EB3 category I-140 when the PERM was filed in EB2, my first time filing not a downgrade? 30:53:00
The 485J supplement receipt notice, does it have any significance?  32:13:00
My priority date is not current, is there a chance I could be counted towards 2021? 32:34:00
Can you explain the details for the COVID vaccine requirements for the 693? 33:02:00
How to determine if an interview was waived? I got the RFE asking for the medicals to be adjudicated before September 30th. 34:03:00
Why are we not reaching out to the new USCIS director for positive actions on the GC visa numbers? 34:38:00
PERM got approved in EB2, priority date is November 2014. I am planning on filing in EB3, wants to know if in the future, if EB2 gets ahead, can we use the same PERM to file in EB2? 35:12:00
What are your predictions? 35:46:00
How long does the green card process take after receiving the EAD? Doesn't the same offer work on the 485 and the EAD?  37:05:00
How many days before you can submit a 485 EAD? 37:51:00
Updates on the H4 & H4 EAD processing provision? 38:34:00
Is it the employers responsibility to give the NIE letter? 39:08:00
Questions about the entrepreneur services? 39:41:00
Any news for the age out kids, the documented dreamers? 40:00:00
How much time do the backgrounds check take? If the EAD/AP are cleared does that mean the background check cleared?  42:48:00
Is it advisable to go for premium processing if the final action date is current? 43:34:00
Can someone join a new company, transfer H-1B to new company? I485 has been filed with the first company & EAD with the first company 44:00:00
Does an EB2 upgrade always require a new PERM or can an exisiting EB3 be used? 44:47:00
Can we use the birth certificate provided by the Indian Consulate for the 485 applicatiuon? 45:44:00
Is there any chance at expiditing the EAD/AP after an EB3 downgrade application has been approved? 46:26:00
Questions on the priority date? 47:05:00
What is the use of the medical for EB category green card when we are living in the US for years? Can we question the validity of this? 47:30:00
Kids under 14 are they required for biometrics? 48:28:00
Why are the sending medical RFE even if the medicals were sent via interfile? 48:52:00