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Proprietary LIBERTY Portal

In order to better serve our clients, we have worked with industry-leading software developers to build a fully-customized portal that helps us store confidential information securely, provide status updates on progress at each step in the process, and gather necessary electronic documents. The Reddy & Neumann LIBERTY portal is available to all of our clients at no additional cost. It’s just one of the many benefits of working with Reddy & Neumann.

The LIBERTY Advantage

The LIBERTY portal helps us serve our clients in a variety of ways: 

  • Allows our clients to upload and exchange important documents
  • Provides a secure location to store sensitive information that can be accessed by both our firm and our clients
  • Allows us to communicate efficiently and securely with our clients
  • Allows us to provide timely updates on case statuses
  • Provides a secure, hassle-free platform to access employee records

We realized that we needed a highly secure platform in order to meet our clients’ needs, but couldn’t find the product that could meet our expectations. As a result, we decided that the best option was to build our own proprietary portal so that it would do exactly what our clients needed it to. And because it is proprietary, we can make whatever modifications we need in order to keep pace with the demands of today’s marketplace. 

It’s Easy to Use

Our first requirement in developing the portal was that it maintain a simple usability. While we don’t doubt our clients’ technical proficiencies, time spent learning the system is time away from your core business efforts. We wanted our system to be intuitive so that our clients can accomplish what they need to and move on. The LIBERTY portal is easy to navigate, loads quickly and doesn’t require any special knowledge or understanding.

It’s Secure

Your business, especially in regards to immigration matters, handles a tremendous amount of sensitive information. At Reddy & Neumann, we take cybersecurity seriously. A data breach could be catastrophic for our clients, so we take steps to ensure that your information is protected, which starts with recognizing the security limitations of email. 

We developed our LIBERTY portal to allow us to exchange information with our clients via a secure platform, keeping your information protected without sacrificing the benefits of communicating with our clients via a digital medium. 

It Keeps You Informed at Every Step

Because the portal is secure, it allows us to exchange information with our clients outside of normal business hours and when either the attorney or the client is working remotely. As a result, we are better able to respond to inquiries and provide updates. Ultimately, the LIBERTY portal allows us to communicate with our clients more quickly and efficiently, saving time and money. 

Learn How Our Business Immigration Attorneys Can Help You

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