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Immigration Provisions in Reconciliation Passed by House Panel

Plan B: Immigration Provisions in Budget Reconciliation

Changing Jobs (Porting) with a Pending I-485 Adjustment of Status

Special Topic: Immigration Consequences of Being Arrested

Essential Workers or Qualified Immigrants in Budget Reconciliation Bill?

Special Topic: Does an applicant for adjustment of status need an EAD in order to change employers under AC 21?

Special Topic: Immigration Medical Exams

Special Topic: Filing an EB-3 I-140 based on an EB-2 labor certification

Employment-Based Immigration in the $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill?

Irresponsible State Department Wasting Green Cards

Immigration Aspects of Working Remotely

Immigration Reform Possible in Budget Bill? Budget Reconciliation.

AOS (I-485) Interview Process

U.S. Not Expected to Lift Travel Ban For Now

USCIS May Waste 250K EB Green Cards: Former CIS Ombudsman Comments on How to Prevent This

Department of State (Visa Bulletin) is from Mars –USCIS is from Venus

August Visa Bulletin – What’s Expected?

Travel Ban: Validity of National Interest Exceptions

USCIS Wasting Employment-Based Green Cards: How to Prevent

All About Birth Certificates From India for U.S. Immigration

Speeding Tickets: Should I Disclose it to Immigration?

Battle for the Green Cards: EB2 vs. EB3

FOIA Filed with USCIS to Obtain Employment-Based I-485 Data

Elimination of Per- Country Limit: Bipartisan Eagle Act Introduced

150,000 Extra Employment-Based Green Cards – How Many Might Indians Receive?

Biden Administration Withdraws Trump H-1B Regulation on Specialty Occupation

Can USCIS Process 260,000 Employment-based Green Cards by September 2021?

Presidential Proclamation Suspends Travel from India

Preparing an I-485 in Advance of October

May 2021 Visa Bulletin Updates – What to Expect in the Coming Months

How Unused Family-Based Green Cards Spill Over to Employment

Indolent & Self-Protective Congress Does Not Proceed On Immigration Bill

Priority Dates Expected to Advance- What Can You Do to Prepare?

How Can I Prepare If I’m Selected in the H 1B Lottery

Class Action Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of H4 & L2 Holders

American Dream and Promise Act of 2021 and Dependent Children of E, H, or L Nonimmigrants

Top 5 Mistakes Nonimmigrants Need to Avoid

Biden Has No Business Immigration Plan

Biden to Propose Immigration Overhaul with Employment-Based Provisions Tomorrow

Biden’s Immigration Bill – Provisions Impacting Employment-Based Immigration

Biden’s Immigration Bill to be Unveiled this Week

Biden’s Immigration Plan

Biden’s Plan for Streamlining the Legal Immigration System

Bipartisan Bill May Provide 40,000 Green Cards for Doctors and Nurses

Can Trump Damage Immigrants More Before He Leaves?

Can USCIS Allow Everyone Who Has an Approved I-140 to Apply for Adjustment of Status?

Cap-subject H-1B Registration Window Set to Open March 1

Change of Status vs Consular Processing for H-1B Cap Filing

Changes Ahead for H-1B and PERM- New Interim Regulations Published Today

Child Status Protection ACT & Legal Dreamers Aging Out

Common Employee Questions About Preparing for This Year’s H-1B Lottery

Compelling Circumstance EAD

Comprehensive vs. Piecemeal Immigration Reform: Biden’s Preference

Consulates Opening for Emergency Appointments Only

Contrary to Media Reports, USCIS Has Not Relaxed H-1B Extension Rules

Another Day-1 CPT School in Trouble with ICE

Department of Labor and USCIS processing times and trends, potential impacts, & what to expect

Don’t Wait Until Your EAD is Expiring to Start Considering Litigation

Downgrading Approved I-140 from EB-2 to EB-3

Downgrading from Eb-2 to EB-3 to file the I-485? Things to Consider

EAD delays for OPT, AOS, and nonimmigrants – how long will it take, and how can it be expedited?

Election Holds the Key to Immigration

Executive Order Bans Entry for H-1B, H-4, L-1A, L-1B, L-2, H-2B and J visa applicants

Expedited Removal vs. Withdrawing Application for Admission – What’s the Difference?

F-1 Students Denied Admission at Abu Dhabi US Preclearance

F-1 Students Incorrectly Terminated from SEVIS System – Can It Be Fixed?

FAQs on Latest Executive Order and its Impact on Business Immigration

Government Drops Policy Prohibiting Fall Online Classes for F-1 Students.

H-1B Employee Can Work For More Than One Company

H-1B Lottery Electronic Registration Has Begun – With Some Glitches

H-1B Lottery Electronic Registration: March 9th to March 25th

H-1B Possibility of Additional Registration Selections?

H-1B Quota Registration Window to Open March 1 through March 20, 2020

H-1B Visa and Facing Job Loss: Compelling Circumstances EAD vs Change of Status to B-2

H-4 EAD Elimination: DHS Responds to Court on Status of Regulation

H.R 1044 – Congress Voting: Updates & Action Plan

H.R 1044 – Removal of Per Country Quota

How Inaccuracies on the DS-160 Can Lead to a Permanent Bar

How to Prepare When Priority Date May Become Current

Immigration in the Era of Coronavirus – Visa Appointments, Travel, Work from Home.

Immigration Provisions included in Today’s HEROES Act

Immigration: What Happened in 2020 and What Lies Ahead in 2021?

Impact of the New H-1B Electronic Registration on “Cap-Gap” OPT extensions

Increased Scrutiny of Prior F-1 Status at Visa Interviews Abroad

Is HR 1044/ S. 386 Bill Dead now?

Latest updates on H-1B Registration Process

Litigation Strategies to Combat H-1B Denials

Looking Back at 2019 What Lies Ahead in 2020

Navigating through New Prevailing wages – Alternative Wage Surveys

New Data from Mother Jones/Reveal Exposes USCIS More Frequent Losses in Court on H-1B Denials

New forms to be required starting Monday (except Illinois)

November Visa Bulletin Delay

Nunc Pro Tunc – What is it and when can it be successfully used?

Options When Extension Denied After I-94 Expired

Options when I-129 petition is denied – MTR, Appeal, Re-file, or Litigate – which is better?

Options when I-129 petition is denied – MTR, Appeal, Re-file, or Litigate – which is better?

Premium Processing Returns in Phases

Prevailing Wage and Specialty Occupation Interim Final Rules Struck Down

Public Charge – Impact on Business Immigration

Public Charge Rule Struck Down

Recession: Impact on Immigrants and Tips to Maintain Status

S. 2603, Resolving Extended Limbo for Immigrant Employees and Families (RELIEF) Act

S. 386 Passed in Senate- When Could My Priority Date be Current?

S. 386 Where does the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act go from here?

Scammers Targeting Immigrants

Second Executive Order Expected This Week – Potential Restrictions on Non-Immigrant Visas

Selected OR Submitted – H-1B Lottery Notifications

Social Media: Common mistakes that could lead to immigration issues

Special Topic: Changing Jobs After Filing I-485 With AC-21

STEM Extension: How to comply with the regulations.

Trump Administration Denying High Tech Visa Petitions at High Rates.

Trump Administration Planning to Change the Landscape of H-1B Employment

Trump Executive Order to Halt Immigration

Trump isn’t Done with Immigration Actions Yet

Trump vs Biden: Who is Better for Business Immigration?

Trump’s New Executive Order – Review of H-1B Placements in Federal Government Projects

Trump’s New Target: Forcing F-1 & M-1 Students Out

Unusual Delay in Visa Bulletin Publication: Wild Speculations

USCIS Filings During Shelter-in Place

USCIS Plans to Furlough Employees Cancelled

USCIS Sued after H-1B Cap Denial – Case Reopened and Petition Approved

USCIS Website Reposting Old H-1B Policies on Employer-Employee Relationship

Will the Trump Administration Ban Entry of H-1B, L-1 & J-1 Visa Holders?