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Technology has likely revolutionized the way you do business, allowing you to streamline your workflow and maximize the value you provide to your customers and clients. And while technology used to be an advantage, it’s now a requirement if you want to remain competitive in a marketplace that demands speed and responsiveness. At Reddy Neumann Brown PC, we understand the challenges you face, and to help you meet them, we use a full complement of technological resources to provide you with the result you need. 

Caseload Management

Our firm uses a cutting edge case management platform to ensure that your case never gets lost in the shuffle. Our case management software helps us pass along the following advantages to our clients: 

  • Increased efficiency. With this advanced resource at our fingertips, we can better represent clients with a high volume of immigration cases.
  • Improved communication. Our attorneys and staff can be constantly connected. We can collectively record notes, comments, updates, and other information so that all team members handling your files are kept seamlessly informed.
  • Deadline management. Our case management software allows for tracking deadlines on a high-volume basis in a simplified and effective manner, ensuring that your cases always remain on track.

Our case management software is a key component of our technology package. As a result, we make sure it is always up-to-date and maximizing our value to our clients. 


Responsiveness is vital to our clients positive experience working with our law firm. As a result, we employ state-of-the-art communication systems to make sure our clients have a high level of access to the people who are handling their cases. From our phone system to our email platforms, our goal is to provide you with legal representation with the highest level of communication so that you are always informed as to the status of your case. 

Network Security

Unfortunately, the digital workplace presents significant risks to your privacy and security. At Reddy Neumann Brown PC, we take those risks seriously. We work with trusted, experienced industry professionals to ensure that our network is secure from both unauthorized access and unintentional data breaches. In addition, our attorneys and staff are fully trained to handle your data to ensure the highest level of privacy and security. As a result, our clients have peace of mind that their data is safe when working with our firm. 


Our use of technology isn’t limited to the client-facing aspects of our firm. We employ various platforms behind the scenes that help us better serve our clients. We have built a fully modernized law firm by employing accounting platforms and other administrative tools that allow us to keep pace with our clients’ needs. We also utilize the latest hardware and devices to ensure that our attorneys and staff can provide the highest level of service efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Work With Us

At Reddy Neumann Brown PC, we understand the advantages that technology brings to an immigration practice. However, the real value we provide to our clients isn’t in the technology we use but the people who use that technology – our team of knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorneys. To discuss your needs and how we can help, call us today at 713-953-7787 or contact us online