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Automatic Employment Authorization Extension to 540 Days –Who Qualifies? How Does It Work?

Video Transcript

He filed his I-485 initially in 202 in EB-3. Filed a new I-485 in December 2021 in EB-2 & is asking is there any benefit in interfiling his pending EB-3 to EB-2 at this point? 18:05:00
Yesterday I received my I-485 J response notice. I moved from EB-3 to EB-2. How long is it taking after the I-485J supplement is submitted. 19:28:00
Is it true that an H-1B filed for somebody who is currently outside of the US cannot be filed in premium processing? 21:37:00
I have filed a I-485 April 4th & I have not received the receipt notice. 21:57:00
The H-4 is expiring in October 2022. Can I go for drop box appointment for extension of the H-4? 22:31:00
Once I get the I-485 EAD. If I lose the job what will happen? 24:06:00
I am planning to send an interfile request from EB-3 to EB-2. Who should sign the interfile transfer request letter? 25:36:00
Recently company ownership has changed to another company. Do I need to file an amendment for the ownership change? Can we file under premium processing? 26:28:00
F1 visa denials at the consulate that he had several years ago. He's never had any H-1B visa denials but he mentioned the F1 visa denials on the I-485 form. 28:15:00
Can I extend the drivers license with the AOS EAD without getting married to the adjustment of status that means maintaining the H-4 status. 29:48:00
How long does it take for USCIS to update an RFE response in there system? It's been two weeks since they received it. 30:50:00
What happens if I travel on advanced parole outside of the country and the green card is approved? Technically advanced parole is it denied? Can I enter back because green card has not come in the mail? 31:43:00
I received an interview notice for my I-485 application to the field office. Do I need to interfile from EB-3 to EB-2. 33:02:00
Questions regarding predictions of the EB-3 and EB-2 moments. 34:43:00
Is an H-1B amendment needed as a result of his recent promotion at his employer? 43:20:00
He interfiled from EB-3 to EB-2 within 180 days he changed the company. In the I-1485 J supplement of the new company. What should I do? 44:16:00
Can I travel to India while in the H-1B & H-4 extension or pending? 47:59:00
Can we write letters for the DOL to expedite the processing of the perm and also for the prevailing wage? 49:38:00
I got my I-485 approved recently but my wife is still pending is there anything that can be done to expedite it? 50:34:00
I was unemployed for a period from March 2017 to Jan 2019 due to visa denial. I came back on B2 visa. Will that impact my adjustment of status? 51:49:00
Can medical exams be submitted along with the transfer of underlying basis request? 52:19:00
EAD approval filed with previous H-1B but concurrently filed the H-1B . It has an expiration date of the current? 53:15:00
I filed a I-485 in May of 2021 under EB-1c Nebraska when can I expect my GC? 53:50:00
My priority date that is 2014 and that was with a prior employer. My current employer has the perm under process right now. Is there anyway I can file a I-485 on my own if employer A is not supporting and employer B perm takes a long time. 54:26:00
Questions regarding interfiling? 57:09:00
We have already filed an I-485 J supplement at the time that we filed the downgrade application in October 2020. 57:56:00