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Department of State (Visa Bulletin) is from Mars –USCIS is from Venus

Video Transcript

Department of State (Visa Bulletin) is from Mars --USCIS is from Venus

We recommend that you write a letter to your Congressmen – Please find the draft at this link:

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How to Interfile Your Medical Exam with Pending I-485

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Am I allowed to travel outside the USA while the 485 is pending?  19:59:00
Are the H4 EADs being adjudicated with the H-1Bs now? 21:15:00
A lot of people have file the 485 application is Oct. 2020 that still haven't received the EAD or AP? 22:18:00
Questions in regards to the EB1 cases being delayed?  22:37:00
If his priority date becomes current but his PERM is still in process with the DOL is he required to apply within a year of his date becoming current?  23:22:00
Regards to the prediction of the OCT 2021 for EB2 & EB3? 25:00:00
When is he eligible to change employers after the I-140 petition is approved? 27:36:00
H4 EAD, lost job, can we apply for unemployment benefits? 29:00:00
Questions in regards to the rejections of the filings? 29:17:00
Where to send medical exams when interfiling? 29:48:00
Where are the sample letters for the congressman?  30:08:00
What is the general time frame from the EAD card and the green card approval?  33:04:00
Question whether USCIS is consciously rejecting I-485 filed concurrently with an EB3 downgrade?  34:33:00
Questions regarding the telegram group involved in getting an appointment with Zoe Lofgren 36:26:00
Paul & his wife each have an H-1b approval & I-140 approvals that have priority dates that are within a month of each other. Should we file separate I-485 based on each others I-140? 40:00:00
Unemployment benefits have been filed under my name by someone without my knowledge, my employer received a letter. Should any action be taken?  41:53:00
If we have seen any approvals for the downgrades that were filed last OCT? 43:10:00
Is the wastage going to be worse than 150K or less? 44:46:00
Questions in regards to the pending legislations? 45:28:00
Has their I-140 in process with one employer, then switched to another employer. Asking about my options now?  47:18:00
What are the chances for everyone employment based to become current? 48:45:00
Luckily had his EAD approved based on the 485 pending application, & is asking about options to switch jobs based on the EAD?  50:43:00
Does creating a petition online a better option instead of writing a letter?  52:15:00
Charlie has clearly said that there is no chance of making the dates current like in 2007? 53:14:00
Follow up question about the rejected applications that were later accepted. What receipt date is assigned to them?  56:16:00
He has filed Oct. 1 2020, still no biometrics. Priority date is March 2011, please suggest what can I do?  57:10:00
If he can continue working based on the pending EAD renewal, if the EAD renewal is based on a pending 485 application?  58:40:00