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Dependent’s Green Card Rejected then Accepted, Now Denied for Filing Late?

Video Transcript

Questions Time Stamp
Any luck with the Texas Center 485 process? 9:43:00
NBC processing of 485 12:06:00
I filed my perm pwd with new employer in September 2021 but no updates so far. What is the processing times these days? 12:41:00
H4 EAD expiring in May 2022, we filed the extension of H4 plus EAD what is the best solution to expidite? 13:04:00
If my final action date is current do I have to file an I-824 In order to convert my approved I-140 from AOS option to consular option? 14:57:00
My EB2 I-140 has been approved but my EB3 I-140 is still pending which was filled in October in 2020 is it a good time to do an interfiling? 15:30:00
AOS that is current and on I-140 that was approved in September 2021. AOS was filed in October 2020, how much longer will it take to get a decision from USCIS? 16:33:00
Is there  restriction on the number of visits a person can make on a B1-B2 visa in the span of 3 months?  17:00:00
What happens when the  H1B and H4 is pending while traveling and then gets approved while outside the U.S.? 17:59:00
I have completed six years H1B in a non-profit organization now I want to move to a for profit orgnization what should I be checking with a lawyer? 18:42:00
My I-94 is expiring March 10th and my eployes filed the extension today in regular processing as the fed ex number, will I go out of status if I don't get the recipet notice before March 10th? 20:41:00
What's going on with the applications filed in the 485 j supplement in California? 22:19:00
Filed N-400 in April 2020 and got a waiver for the biometrics in January 2021 but no updates since then. My green card is about to expire what options do I have?  22:31:00
I-140 approved and was filed under adjustment of status, can it be moved to console processing? 24:00:00
Refiled cases that were approved 24:50:00
EB-3 I-140 apporved and priority date is September 2013 received EAD and AP but spouse EAD is pending. Is it good to move to EAD right now? 25:29:00
Received the H4 approval and spouse's H1B is also approved. H4 EAD is still pending. Am I eligible for auto extension?  26:02:00
Can you pass the Texas delay issues with the administration? 26:40:00
Can I still stay in the US if my GC EAD is expired and my EAD renewal did not get approved within 180 days? 27:44:00
EAD is still pending can I leave and return to US? 28:19:00
Priority date in 2010 and reciept date in October 2021, everything is pending in Nebraska. Is there any way to get petitions transferred to the national service center? 28:54:00
What if my current H1 and my spouse's H4 are already expired extensions are pending along with the H4 EAD extention can my spouse start walking after the H1 and H4 are approved? 33:07:00
Any updates on American Competitve Act in the Senate? 33:59:00
The regional centers are expected to start in March, will this be a dent in the EB2 or EB3 applications? 34:53:00
Can we travel to Canada on a valid I-94 and an expired visa stamp? 36:35:00
My priority date became current file for 485 unfortunately the child got aged out. What are the chances for him to get the green card?  37:22:00
Will the receipt date on the October 2020 AOS will be retained if the I-140 downgrade was an amendment from EB2 to EB3? 38:42:00
My EAD was approved but my advance parole is not approved, what can I do about this?  39:42:00
Can a person do two jobs while on H4 EAD? 41:19:00
My I-140 in EB2 and EB3 just got approved in only four and a half months in Nebraska Service Center. 41:38:00
Can I take a second job as a coach four hours a week on H1B? 42:12:00
 I have H4 EAD and I'm applying for H1B if I am picked up in the lottery, will I automatically go to H1B or can I keep working for H4 EAD? 43:03:00
I filed the I-539 for my parent's last year and they left before the decision. Are they eligible to come back or do I need to check with USCIS for the status of the previous case? 45:46:00
H1B transfer with a company is pending but is getting H1B transfer offers from other companies. 46:48:00
Priority date is June 2014 which is not current. I responded to a medical review back in August but no update from USCIS. Is this normal? 47:41:00
Premium processing of EAD 48:47:00
Has a 485 J but the reciept has not been received is the reciept required? 49:32:00
H1B stamped until May 2023 with company A but now has an H1B approval until 2024 with company B. Can you travel outside the country? 50:09:00
I've sent my first time H4 EAD to USCIS February 28th and I'll be traveling to India March 3rd. Will this create a problem? 53:24:00
My spouse has approved GC EAD and H4 EAD can she work on H4 EAD instead of GCEAD? 53:58:00
My spouse and son have their EAD's apporved but my self as the primary and my daughter's EAD is pending.  54:22:00
My H1 ammendment is pending can we travel out of the country with our visa stamps still valid until September? 55:42:00