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Senate to Act before Christmas on Budget Immigration Provisions

Video Transcript

COVID Test Must Be Done within 24 Hours of Travel by Air to the U.S.
Visa Appointment Wait List Grows


Take Action: Urge Congress To Include Fair Immigration Reforms Through The Budget Reconciliation

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Questions Time Stamp
My wife's H4 plus EAD is expiring in Oct 2022, can I apply for the extension right now?  15:08:00
I have an EB3 downgrade & 485 that was filed in 2020, still no biometrics appointment. Is there a way to get it done? 16:38:00
How long does the I-140 premium processing take?  17:13:00
Can an employer revoke an I-140 after the 485 has been filed, the EAD is approved but has not been 180 days yet?  17:33:00
Birth certificate RFE, it is a late registration, & they are asking for the non-availability for the birth certificate?  18:27:00
Interfiles from EB3 to EB2, does the AC21 clock reset and is there anyway to follow up after the interfile with the Nebraska Service Center?  19:32:00
My passport stamping is expired, I have a valid 797, can I go to India & come back without the stamping?  20:48:00
Does the National Benefit Center accept interfile medicals? Where do we send it, what documents need to be sent?  21:32:00
Can we start a service based LLC with the H-1B visa? 22:03:00
I have a priority date in 2013, filed a downgrade in Oct 2020 and started using the EAD working for the same company,. If EB2 becomes current, can I leave the US & come back with the stamp & refile using EB2?  22:57:00
Can my son apply for social security number, he just got his GC EAD with mine.  23:38:00
I have filed the EB3 485 with one employer, now I am with a new employer & just got an EB2 I-140 approved. Can I interfile the EB2 even if it is with a new employer?  24:17:00
He got 693 courtesy letter and is planning to send the medicals, can he mail it to the PO box mentioned in the letter?  25:08:00
Predictions on how the priority date moves? 25:57:00
My place of birth is different on passport & birth certificate, will that be an issue?  27:12:00
If we file a new EB2 I-485 with an approved I-140, what is the probability that is does not go to the Texas Service Center? Do we see any improvement in the Texas Service Center?  27:52:00
If the H4 & EAD is pending, can we continue working with the H4 expired when the EAD is pending?  28:48:00
What date does the Senate need to take on the budget Bill to see if employment based provisions are included or not?  29:37:00
Are you guys taking the H4 EAD litigation?   30:20
How to know if the medical was actually added to the file, tried a FOYA request but I don't see it. What is the next step?  30:43:00
My wife & I are both on independent H-1B, when the priority date becomes current does my wife have to change to H4 to file 485? 31:13:00
What to expect with the tier 2 officer when they call you back about out of processing time?  31:36:00
If my file has been moved from National Benefit Center to Texas Service Center, is there anything you can do to get it processed in proper timing? 32:14:00
It has been 4 weeks since my 485 application was delivered via FedEx. Still no receipt notice, check is still not cashed, emailed the lockbox & still no response.  32:51:00
Can a H4 go to Mexico & get a new I-94 with an expired H4 visa?  34:20:00
Has an I-140 approval with the previous employer & is getting ready to file the PERM with a new employer. What happens if the previous company shuts down? 35:32:00
B2 to H4 change of status, advisable at this time? 36:20:00
GC has been approved, how long is it taking for the actual green card to arrive?  36:43:00
Has the H-1B approved but spouses H4 is pending. I-94 and H4 EAD are expiring in February. Wants to know if the automatic revalidation does not happen what happens to the current I-539 application?  37:00:00
My I-140 is approved, my 485/765 is pending H-1B is expiring soon. Am I eligible to work until I get the EAD?  37:40:00
Has end EAD that was approved but USPS lost the package. Filed the application for a replacement card, waiting for the card, status of the case is showing received.  38:11:00
Can we do the H4 & EAD extension, this is the first time applying for the EAD? 38:47:00
When can I expect my green card? 39:16:00
Couple questions when a person has their first 485 pending, received the EAD/AP. They file a second 485 and want to know fi they change employers after 180 days, can they use the first EAD for that or can they use the first AP to travel?  39:46:00
USCIS needs to improve their process.  40:43:00
Has filed the 485.765/131 in March of 2021. The I-140 has been approved but still no EAD, the 485 is still pending. The H-1B is set to expire next year, how long might it take for the 485 to be approved?  43:15:00
Priority date is September 2014 under EB2, when can I file the 485? 44:34:00
How long the case review takes after the employment based green card interview? Is there a timeline? 45:51:00
My priority date is February 2015 in EB3, should I initiate EB2 or should I wait for the bill to pass?  46:49:00
My wife is on L2 and her I94 expires today. My L1 & L2 extension are still pending and want to know when can she start working again? Is it when my L1 is approved or does she need to wait until the L2 is approved. She does not have the L2 EAD either.  47:13:00
The Visa Brokers in Hyderabad can get an emergency appointment, the refresh does not work.  48:23:00
Applied for my L1A extension, received an RFE, that RFE has been replied to. Wants to know how long it takes to be adjudicated, it has been almost 10 calendar days?  49:14:00
Can you predict the February priority date to be current? 49:41:00
What is the processing time for a I-290B for a denied H-1B? 50:29:00
Can you help with misunderstanding regarding the drobox?  51:05:00
Litigation for long pending 485 applications and for EAD/AP? 51:29:00
My spouse got an H-1B first time extension in 2012, she used it for 14 months and she is on H4. Now she wants to move to H-1B and the employer is telling her she cannot reinstate because it has been more than 6 years.  52:27:00
What happens for the age frozen kid when his 21st birthday comes? 53:29:00
My parents have a visa that is valid until May 2022 & since there are no slots available to apply for a new visa. Can they travel to the US and leave before the visa expires? 54:22:00