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Trend in AOS Approvals: Re-filed Cases Getting Approved Faster

Video Transcript

H-1B approval stamped until September 2023 with company A got the green card with company B can I leave the country and come with the old approval? 13:19:00
If I moved to a different company can I still interfile from EB-3 to EB-2? 14:00:00
EAD got renewed but did not receive the combo card that was given first time.  15:09:00
I-140 485 filed in February 10th and it is in the Texas Service Center is it normal to not get a receipt notice? 16:12:00
On the Visa bulletin there is a section d that mentions corrective action that may needed in EB-2 due to EB-5. What does this mean? 17:45:00
If EB-2 priority date is current, can the employer request a three-year H-1B extention?  21:20:00
I refiled the EB-2 in January 2022 got receipt notices and biometrics have been reused, do I need to withdraw the EB-3 application? 21:45:00
H4 amd H4 EAD extension pending with USCIS , what happens if I go for stamping before approval? 22:51:00
 My employer is sponsoring H1B if it gets picked up can I complete 2 years of system OPT and then go for H1B stamping? 24:01:00
My EAD is pending since October 2020 and no response to service request, what can I do? 25:07:00
Pursuing EB1 do I need to have a direct reports for the U.S. to begin the EBC or L1A catergory? 25:33:00
The primary applicant received the EB green card but the dependent got an RFE by the time it was responded to the priority date retrogressed.   26:05:00
I'm planning to relocate. Can I file the 485J suppliment at a different location?  27:04:00
I have used the EAD AP that came from EB3. I travelled to India and came back without H1B stamping and advanced parole will I be eligible to file the interfile with EB2  27:53:00
Is it required or optional to inform my H1B sponsoring employer if I marry a U.S. citizen and my spouse files a I-130 and 485 for me? 28:45:00
485 interview done on November 5th, 2021, still did not receive the green card, how will it take? 29:14:00
Traveled during the H1B extension and when coming back was only given the I94 until the existing Visa end date and now the extension has been approved. Do I need to correct this new I-94? 30:11:00
A child's age is locked under Child Service Protection Act and the priority date got locked. Is it advisable to re-file under the EB-2 right now?  30:42:00
What is the timeline for an EB1 green card approval? 31:41:00
What is happening at Nebraska Service Center? 32:23:00
How many months can one stay outside the U.S. on advance parole?            33:01:00
I have a big bundle of H1B and H4 approval documents do I have to maintain them or soft copies are enough for future references? 33:28:00
If they use up all 280,000 green cards by September, what is the expected priority date to be current? 34:21:00
I am planning to relocate to a different location soon, can I interfile with the new location on the 485? 36:07:00
Does EB1 processing go at the same pace of EB2 and EB3 or is it faster? 37:01:00
My 20 year old son has F1 can he renew his H4 also? 37:54:00
During the cap gap can someone work for any employer or only the H1 sponsoring employer? 38:15:00
What is the risk of AC21 if 485 is pending more than 180 days? 38:45:00
The EB3 downgrade was done and the kids age got locked now if I interfile EB2 will the EB3 child's age lockout still be valid? 40:33:00
How to include children under EB2 prediction of the primary applicant. 41:36:00
The EB3 485 has been pending since 2020 planning to refile a new EB2 485 based on the EB2 I-140 approval. Can I leave the employer after filing the EB2 485? 42:15:00
H1B content filing for 35 can we do 40 hours a week? 42:54:00
How can I process my green card from India? 44:35:00
My priority date is July 2011 EB2 to EB3 downgrade 485 is still pending and it is in Nebraska Service Center should I interfile? 45:42:00
How does career progression in the same work stream impact an already approved I-140? 46:42:00
What is the most common reason for our RFE for I-140? 48:18:00