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221(g) and Administrative Processing Litigation Information

Please click link below watch YouTube discussion on upcoming lawsuit:

221(G) And Administrative Processing Litigation Information on YOUTUBE


Reddy Neumann Brown PC and its litigation partners are working on a mass case to push back on the Department of State for delays caused by 221(g)s and administrative processing!

Many times these 221(g)s are issued for unlawful reasons or fail to comply with specific requirements and end up causing significant delays to travel plans. These 221(g)s can sit in processing for weeks, months, or even years! 

These delays cause individuals to be separated from their family and work, businesses to be without key personnel, and cause people to not want to risk travel. If you have received a 221(g) asking for an end-client letter or a 221(g) that is not asking for any specific information at all, this litigation may be right for you! 

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