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Federal Register Issued to provide Continued Documentation for Beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status for the Countries of Nepal and Honduras

On May 13, 2019 the Department of Homeland Security issued a new Federal Register Notice to provide Continued Documentation for Beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) from Nepal and Honduras. This was in response to comply with the stipulation to stay proceedings in Bhattarai v. Nielsen, No. 19-cv-731 (N.D. Cal) and the preliminary injunction in Ramos v. Nielsen, No. 18-cv-01554 (N.D.Cal).

Based on the Federal Register Notice TPS documentation for beneficiaries from Nepal will be automatically extended until March 24, 2020 including TPS Employment Authorization Documents (EADs), Form I-787 Notice of Action (Approval Notice), and Forms I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record). The automatic extension of TPS documentation for Nepal will continue for beneficiaries that previously re-registered for TPS during at least one of the previous re-registration periods: May 22, 2018 to July 23, 2018 or October 26, 2016 to December 27, 2016.

TPS Nepal beneficiaries can show their TPS EAD card along with a copy of the Federal Register Notice to employers to document the automatic extension of work authorization through March 24, 2020. The Notice also provides details on the automatic extension and how it will affect Form I-9 compliance, Employment Eligibility Verification, E-Verify, and USCIS Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement (SAVE) processes.

TPS for Honduras remains in effect through January 5, 2020. The preliminary injunction continues pending the appeals in the Ramos case and TPS remains in effect for those of Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti, and El Salvador. Details for all TPS countries can be found on USCIS’ website.