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USCIS Releases New Version of Form I-9

Today USCIS released its newest version of Form I-9. The I-9 page of USCIS’ website states that as of today, employers should begin using the Form I-9 posted on its website, which is version 10/21/2019. Employers may use either the 07/17/17N or the 10/21/2019 version up until April 30th. However, starting May 1st employers must only use the 10/21/2019 version of Form I-9. To download the latest version of Form I-9, please visit:

Form I-9 is used by employers to verify the identity and employment authorization for individuals hired to work in the U.S. Employers have witnessed a tremendous increase in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) I-9 audits. In order to avoid federal sanctions in the face of an I-9 audit, employers should ensure all I-9 eligibility forms are the correct version and are properly completed and retained. To guarantee full compliance with federal regulations, employers should always implement proper hiring processes and procedures and provide I-9 compliance training to those responsible for the hiring and retention of the company’s employees.

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By: Kristina M. Hernandez

Kristina is an associate attorney at Reddy & Neumann, P.C. She was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 2011. Her practice includes representing companies and individuals with employment-based visa petitions and applications and advising clients regarding litigation options in federal court pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act (APA). Kristina also guides employers to ensure compliance with all Form I-9 requirements by conducting internal audits of clients’ records, processes, and procedures.