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How to Interfile Your Medical Exam Packet with Pending I-485

Our office receives many questions a day about whether an individual with a pending I-485 green card application should send their I-693 medical exam packet to USCIS before it is requested in a Request for Evidence (RFE). It is possible to send the medical packet to USCIS before they send an RFE requesting the medical exam through a process called interfiling. An individual with a pending I-485 can send the sealed medical exam packet in advance and request USCIS to interfile the medical record with the pending I-485 application. In many cases USCIS will accept the interfile, although it is not 100% guaranteed. It is still possible that USCIS will send an RFE requesting your medical records. Or, USCIS may request for you to bring your medical exam packet at the time of the in-person interview.  If this happens, you must get your medical exam done again and send a new medical exam packet to USCIS.

How do I send an interfile request to USCIS?

Prepare a medical interfile cover page to the USCIS Service Center address stated on your I-485 application receipt notice. Below is sample text you can use on the cover page to send to USCIS:


File No:


Applicant Name:

Medical Exam Enclosed



Prepare this cover letter and send with a copy of your I-485 receipt notice and medical records packet.

Will I get notice that USCIS has received my interfiling request?

No, USCIS generally does not send receipts or any type of notice that is has received your medical records.

I sent my medical records to USCIS via interfiling, but now I’ve received an RFE asking for the medical records. What do I do?

You should get your immigration medical exam re-done and respond to the RFE with the new, sealed medical packet.

For how long is my medical exam valid?

Once the civil surgeon signed Form I-693, it must be filed with USCIS within 60 days. The medical packet retains its evidentiary value for 2 years from the date the civil surgeon signed the I-693.

If you have any questions about which option may be best for you, you can set up a consultation with any of our Reddy Neumann Brown PC attorneys.

By: Rahul Reddy