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UPCOMING WEBINAR – Mastering PERM Recruitment: The Heart of the PERM Labor Certification Process

Reddy Neumann Brown PC invites you to join our FREE Webinar “Mastering PERM Recruitment: The Heart of the PERM Labor Certification Process”

Date and Time:  Thursday, March 7, 2024 at 1:00PM to 2:00PM CST. 

At the heart of PERM Labor Certification lies the recruitment process, where sponsoring employers must test the U.S. labor market through various recruitment methods for “able, willing, qualified, and available” U.S. workers. Mastering this step is crucial to securing a PERM Labor Certification.

For employers seeking to file a PERM application on behalf of an employee, this webinar will offer insights into effectively navigating the PERM recruitment process. Specifically, this webinar will discuss:

  • The mandatory recruitment steps for professional and non-professional occupations
  • The additional recruitment steps for professional occupations
  • The content requirements for advertisements
  • How to properly document the recruitment steps
  • The Recruitment Report
  • The interview process
  • The timeframe for recruitment
  • Dos and Don’ts



Camille Joson, Senior Associate


Jessica Palarca, Associate

Reddy Neumann Brown PC has been serving the business community for over 25 years and is Houston’s second largest immigration law firm focused solely on U.S. employment-based immigration. We work with both employers and their employees, helping them navigate the immigration process quickly and cost-effectively.

This Webinar is made available by Reddy Neumann Brown PC for educational purposes only. Information provided in this Webinar should not be construed as legal advice for your specific situation nor does it constitute an engagement with Camille Joson, Jessica Palarca, or Reddy Neumann Brown PC or establish an attorney-client relationship. For specific advice on your situation, please contact a licensed attorney.