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150,000 Extra Employment-Based Green Cards – How Many Might Indians Receive?

Video Transcript

150,000 Extra Employment-Based Green Cards - How Many Might Indians Receive?
Is Immigration Reform Dead?
Travel Ban - National Interest Exemption - How to Navigate
Should I Downgrade Now or Wait?
Priority Dates vs. Processing Times

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My priority date is 2018, I am getting a better job offer.  Should I move? 18:15:00
There are many non-Indian foreigners in the same boat that are waiting for the green card isn't t discriminatory? 26:03:00
How long does the H4 approval take after the biometrics are done, specifically for the Nebraska Service Center? 27:06:00
If I marry a US citizen. I have to get my EB2 GC approved, how long do I have to wait for my citizenship? 27:51:00
Can we submit the medical sealed package to USCIS in advance to getting and RFE?  28:37:00
I recently got my GC approved, I changed my address, do I need to file an AR-11? 30:05:00
Regards to the B.C. names or parents names being misspelled.  31:26:00
Spouse has an H4 & H4EAD pending, also filed a downgrade with 485. That EAD has been approved, can she start working using the 485 EAD?  34:11:00
Will the priority date of 2020 be current in 2021?  35:14:00
If you downgrade and file the I-140 now, what happens on OCT 1 when that I-140 is still pending. Can the 485 be filed with the I-140 pending? 36:01:00
My employer has a PERM approval & if the priority date is current can I file I-140 & 485 at the same time? 36:39:00
Is it possible to apply I-140 for both EB-2 & EB-3 category at the same time? 36:53:00
When do you think folks with a current priority date & completed biometrics can get the GC in the current timelines? 38:23:00
If the priority dateis current, can I file 485 application when I am in India? 39:09:00
Can a new employer file a transfer of an H-1B approved for consular processing that has not been stamped, this is a different employer? 40:10:00
My son is going to be 21, we have not receieved his F1 yet, we applied back in September 2020 requested an expidite, USCIS denied it, what can we do? 40:46:00
Most of the folks are working from EB2 to EB3, once they work on EAD, what is the EB2 moves forward. Can I use that? 41:27:00
Should interfiling the medicals be done by the corporate lawyers or can I do it myself? 42:50:00
Is there any chance that PERM processing will go faster, right now it is taking 6 months?  43:20:00
At this point of time only 100,000 GC have been approved based how can they approve 150,000? 44:00:00
As per current trends, when does USCIS send the RFE'S for the medicals. Is it only after the final action date becomes current or after? 46:29:00
Will it take one year after it becomes current? 47:03:00
Him & his wife have both filed PERM applications seperatly with their separate employers. Will there be any conflict in the GC& what is the difference in filing with or without dependent?  47:59:00
EB2 denied then applied EB3 for I-140  after couple of denials in EB2. Is one year plus few months.  48:48:00
Can we do an H-1B extension while I am in India? 49:55:00
My wife has a birth certificate in India native language, will the translation be accepted by USCIS? 50:44:00
The prioritydate is Nov 2012, we applied for the EB3 downgrade inpremium, now the I-140 is approved. Can we expect that the I-765 will be approved with the I-140?  51:43:00
What are the probabilities for the I-140 downgrades to be denied? 52:30:00
His lawyer is saying the I693 is only valid for 2 months. Is it valid for 2 months or 2 years?  55:04:00
My wife & kids are in India right now, if the date becomes current, should they be here to file the 485 application?  55:32:00
Can we apply for the L2 EAD renewal if my I-129S & Visa under the blanket L expired but I have a valid I-94 until next year?  56:38:00