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Can I Apply for the H-1B Lottery with 10 Different Employers?

Video Transcript

How long can we stay outside of the U.S. while an AOS is pending?  12:54:00
Is it possible to travel and return to the U.S. while I-13485 is pending? 13:22:00
How do I provide new H4 I-94 to USCIS?  14:02:00
When to upgrade H-1B premium processing? 14:47:00
Working full-time in location A and planning to relocate to location B to work remotely where the company does not have an office. Can the employer file the green card application from location B? 15:58:00
Can I enter the U.S. with an approved I-140? 16:45:00
What happens if the inter-file request fails will they cancel the whole 485?  17:09:00
Priority date is in 2016, when will it become current? 17:46:00
For the GCEV2 process, what happens if the team or job description changes while the recruitment is in progress? 19:52:00
Do I need to have an I-140 approved for intra filing from EB-3 to EB-2?  20:44:00
Priority date is current,Current biometircs are done, 485 is filed, H1 is expiring in October, and Visa stamping is not yet completed, is it safe to travel to India? 21:31:00
Are you seeing any approvals of the people who have filed 485 application in the Nebraska service center? 22:34:00
Is the new L2 rule to work without an EAD in effect and can I get it done without traveling if my I-94 has extended already? 23:30:00
After AOS biometric got updated in the portal, but the 13 year old kid didn't get updated. 24:37:00
H4-EAD expired in Janurary and switched jobs in February, can I work for the new employer and am I eligible for the auto extension of the 180 days? 25:23:00
What are my chances of OPT approval if I have the I-130 pending? 25:58:00
For physical therapist who do home health, does the LCA need to be filed for every county they work at? 26:30:00
Regarding automatic revalidation, can I travel to Canada and come back with an approved H1-B 797 but an expired H4 visa? 27:27:00
H-1B expires and I just applied for renewal along with H4 plus EAD, I-140 is already approved, what is the best strategy to avoid the employment gap for the H4 EAD? 27:55:00
Can I do an H1B transfer with any approved I-140 from a previous employer or only from my current employer? 29:16:00
Husband filed for 485 in 2020 downgraded EB-3, it has been 2 years and no update. My husband wants to change his job, can he do that? 29:39:00
My manager left the company and I moved to another group but my job description is the same. Do I need to update anything on my H-1B or green card application? 30:26:00
Is there any route that cannot be traveled from India to USA? 30:55:00
My PWD was submitted in July 2021 and the employer says they are still waiting for the outcome, but the processing time and DOI website is August 20-21 is the website correct?  31:40:00
I am in India and my H4 visa is valid until March 23rd, 2022, can I travel to the U.S.? 32:21:00
Can I use the advanced parole if my EV3 I-140 is still pending?  33:12:00
My spouse who had the biometrics taken a month after me received her EAD and AP combo card but mine is not showing any progress at the Texas service center.  34:12:00
I'm in H-1B, I-140 approved in the last five years, can I go back outside the U.S. and come back with an L1A to upgrade my case to EB-1? 34:56:00
I'm interfilling from EB-3 to EB-2 EB-3 I-140 is not approved. If I get a green card in EB-2 what happens to my GCE? 36:42:00
Can my workdays overlap with my current employer and a new employer? 37:30:00
Questions on misrepresentation 38:09:00
How long is it taking for AOS EAD renewal from the Texas Service Center? 39:21:00
What is the processing time for permits filed in 2021? 39:40:00
How many days does it take for USCIS to update KCC? 39:55:00
I got a job in health care do I quailify for exploting EAD? 40:46:00
I'm in India holding an H4 visa that is expiring in March, is it ok to travel to the US in March?  41:43:00
Is an address change mandatory after getting a GC? 42:21:00
Premium processing request accepted at the Texas Service Center, through FOIA came to know that his original ETA 9089 is still at the national center. Does this cause a delay in the premium processing? 43:26:00
13 year old got index fingerprint taken? 44:14:00
My OPT EAD is expiring in August filled the I-140, 485, 765, and I-131 concurrently last May, if my GC EAD does'nt get adjudicated by August is there any way I can stay in the U.S. to work? 44:30:00
Do I need to carry the green card every time I go out? 45:14:00
I think my 485 recipet came from the Nebraska service center based on my recipet number what is the difference between the application received by a lock box and a service cent? 46:25:00
Program got postponed after entering U.S. will this affect F1 status? 47:01:00
EAD Premium processing rule and H4 L2 premium processing. 47:26:00
Healthcare professional green cards. 48:08:00
In the DS 160 it asks the question have you had an immigration petition filed should we answer yes or no if only the I-140 is approved but no 485 has been filed.  49:55:00
I want to switch from H1B to I-485 EAD what steps are needed? 50:26:00
My employer says he started my I-140 process and is in the wage determining stage is there anyway to check that if I wanna track that? 50:46:00
My reciept notice starts with MSC and I live in Texas what service center will I be processed? 51:27:00
Can I travel outside the U.S. when an H-1B transfer is pending with USCIS and can I re enter with my existing visa stamp. 52:21:00
I'm on H1B if I present GC EAD does that mean I have moved to EAD for the driving license extension? 53:30:00
USCIS received the response to my RFE 485 180 days agois it a good time to file a mandamus? 53:54:00
Visa bulletin is not out yet any update? 54:43:00
I applied for H4 EAD in September and I am now filling for the H4 extension and I would like to apply for the EAD along with it?   55:55:00
Is it mandatory to have a job at all times on H4 EAD? 56:25:00
Has a perm process become tougher based on the new laws based on the Facebook case? 56:44:00
Perm Processing estimate.  57:34:00