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Can USCIS Process 260,000 Employment-based Green Cards by September 2021?

Video Transcript

Can USCIS process 260,000 Employment-Based Green Cards by September 2021?
Biden Administration Admits Immigration is an Absolute Mess Now
Should I Downgrade to EB-3 Now or Wait for the Dates to Move?
What is International Entrepreneur Parole?

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Our wages are about $20,000 less over the 5 years, our priority date is in 2015. Do you think there will be a problem in downgrading from EB-2 to EB-3?  23:50:00
What happens to the unused EB-1, EB-2, & EB-3 visas from the rest of the world? 24:53:00
If we received the EAD approvals for the primary & the dependent, can the dependent stay without a job? 25:56:00
If an H4 can use the EAD greencard to work while the primary applicant's I-140 is still pending? 26:56:00
Once I get an EAD can I change job and work in a different location site?  27:50:00
I have L-1 & L-2 visas & started the green card process with the prevailing wage being requested. What happens to the L-2 EAD if it only has a few months left on it? 28:42:00
What is the processing time for the PERM & how long is it taking to get the prevailing wages?  30:08:00
How does the removal of the H4 biometric help the employment based green card processing? 36:53:00
Her parents are on B-1/B-2 & the first extension has been done, can we do the second extension? 38:01:00
Priority date is current & I have already completed the biometrics but my wife is still waiting for her biometrics. Will there be any issue if USCIS aprroves my greencard if my wife is still on H4?  38:57:00
Downgrade for people whos priority date is nearby or expected to be current?  39:35:00
Are there any chances of PERM applications processing time improvement? 40:23:00
Can I switch between H4 EAD & GC EAD? 41:30:00
My 485 filed with company A & getting ready to move to company B & wants to know how long can he wait before filing the 485J supplement with the new company?  41:59:00
Can I use I-485J supplement to change the worksite location for the same employer, if so how?  43:17:00
I am EB-2 India January 2013priority date, can I downgrade right now or should I wait for the priority date to be current? 43:52:00
Will I get my greencard as soon as my priority date to be current or will I have to wait months/years since USCIS does not have enough time to process it immedietly? What is my status if not H-1B?  45:01:00
My biometric appointment is at 6 AM, are they open at that time? 46:19:00
Can we get an H-1 Extension if the final action date is current and the PERM with the new company is still pending?  47:38:00
His Eb-2 I-140 is active but my attorney is saying to file for the EB-3 he has to join the company first 49:30:00
My lawyer did not apply for the social security number in the I-765 application with the 485, how can I get the social security number & when?  50:24:00
Do I need to file two I-485J supplements if he plans to work with two different companies?  50:52:00
I recently gotten the H4 extension approved through March 2023 and got the new I-94 with it, but I do not have the visa stamp for the extension. I want to know can I use automatic revalidation to re-enter the US if I am going to Canada for less than 30 days? 51:35:00
The green card EAD is only valid for 1 year, can we work even after this EAD got expired while the extension is still in process, & if yes, how long can we work?  54:02:00
I haven't seen about Biometric for H4 removal memo, everyone said that from May 17th.  54:32:00
While the 485 is pending if I change multiple employers, does each of these employers need to file an I485J or does only the employer at the time that the priority date comes current?  55:19:00
My priority date is February 2015 under EB-2 are we expecting it to become current soon? I cannot downgrade due to company policy.  55:57:00
My H-1B extension is due this month, with the waiver of the biometrics would we recommend filing the H1, H4, & EAD together & will they approve them all together? 57:48:00