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Changing Jobs (Porting) with a Pending I-485 Adjustment of Status

Video Transcript

Automatic Revalidation - Entering USA without a Visa but With a Valid I-94
6-year Limit Approaching, PERM Pending, What is the Solution?
What's Going on With Immigration Reform Bills?

Take Action: Urge Congress To Include Fair Immigration Reforms Through The Budget Reconciliation

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Questions Time Stamp
Should we write multiple letters to Congress?  24:11:00
Spelling on the Birth Certificate mismatches all other documents by one letter. Is that a problem for the 485 application?  24:30:00
Any update on the Texas Service Center?  25:11:00
I moved from employer A to employer B and employer A withdrew my EB2 I-140.. If I move back to employer A & that EB2 becomes current, can I use it? 25:46:00
Regarding the travel ban? 26:40:00
What vaccines are accepted? 27:57:00
Will the EB3 final action date retrogress? 29:06:00
We are at the last stage of the process, the I-140 is approved, the biometrics are done, medicals are done, responded to an RFE. Is there anything we can do to get USCIS to complete the process & approve the applications?  33:16:00
Concurrent filed EB3 & AOS application, still no receipt notice, how long does it take? 35:00:00
Premium processing for downgrade cases. I am seeing delays in checks being cashed and receipt notices being sent out. 35:38:00
Expiring dates for the 485 form? 36:19:00
I did not receive the I-539 approval notice, the online status shows the Post Office returned it to USCIS. I contacted USCIS & verified that the address on file is correct but they are saying there is nothing they can do because USCIS did not receive the approval notice back from the Post Office.  36:49:00
I have the Eb1B 485, can I move from a different industry? 38:50:00
I have received the GC EAD for myself and my family. My I-140 is still not approved, can I use the EAD to get my sons social security number & my spouses employment? My employer is not willing to do premium processing for the I-140. 38:57:00
Questions regarding TVAsia not being live the past 2 weeks?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                39:58
I am doing a part time MBA, if I change my job into a management role, can I port the 485 to the new role? 40:47:00
Is the tax transcript mandatory for 485?                   41:38
Can the EB2 filing date progress based on the visa bulletin? It says it will move by several months.                                                                                              42:30
What should be mentioned on the medical interfiling? 43:22:00
Was it ok to apply for a drivers license under a ab60 while waiting for the H4 approvals? 44:41:00
After the biometrics, what do they check background wise? 45:16:00
If the priority date is current am I eligible for a one year or a three year H1B extension?  46:33:00
How big is the backlog for the interviews for consular GC?  47:00:00
Where to submit the I-693, my lawyer says to wait for the Rfe but our priority date is October 2013 & we don't want to miss the opportunity.  47:15:00
My downgrade is pending and the I-140 is not approved. The priority date is EB2 current can I free file the 485 application?  48:02:00
With a 2016 priority date how is it going to move? 48:23:00