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Changing Jobs While on AOS -I-485J 180-Day Rule

Video Transcript

Has anyone ever filed an immigration petition on your behalf? 22:07:00
Now with the 540 day extension is it kicking the can down the road and we still won't have a EAD card at the end of the 540 days? 22:44:00
Can we respond to the RFE after the due date based on USCIS COVID-19 flexible extension of the 60 day rule? 23:14:00
Can we submit the medicals along with the EB-3 to Eb-2 interfile? 23:40:00
Can I change from EB-3 to EB-2 with the same employer and the same job and never had EB-2 before? 24:22:00
My friend has an I-140 approval and later on he accepted a remote position. They started a new labor certification. Can he not file the I-485 using the old I-140 approval? 25:25:00
I interfiled to the California address six weeks ago and now I have received an RFE from the field office to provide visa documents. Is it a good idea to send a copy of the entire interfile and the I-485j to the field office along with this RFE? 27:57:00
Can I apply for the H-1B extension go to India and reenter on AP without impacting my H-1B extension? 28:58:00
I downgraded to EB-3 in 2020 date is current in EB-2 but I already moved to a different company. Can I file the I-485 K and interfile using that EB-2 with the new employer? 29:24:00
Can the H-1B extension be filed two months after the H-1B I-94 expired and the benefits after I have already left the United States? 30:45:00
The EB-2 date is July 2012. Filed the I-485 in November 2021. Case is at the NBC. EAD and advanced parole are approved. Can you suggest when my I-485 will be adjudicated? 31:57:00
My priority date is April 2013. My case has been transferred to the NBC. Is that good news or bad news? 32:38:00
My case remains pending but the application was put on hold. The priority date is current. What can be done to resume processing? 33:02:00
I received an RFE for I-485 requesting evidence for the proof of marriage is that normal? 34:08:00
In the LCA there is a 40 hour work week mentioned. Can we work more than 40 hours a week in a case of emergency issue? ( I am an IT guy). IF yes what is the maximum hours we can work? 35:35:00
I have filed the I-485. My wife is the primary. Am I allowed to file a new I-485 application as the primary and she as the derivative? 36:10:00
DO I have to update my employer once I use my EAS and AP to complete the I-9 reverification again? 36:43:00
My fingerprints are not good and got rejected what to do? 37:34:00
What's the current trend after the case is transferred to the national benefit center? How long is it taking for any action? 38:32:00
How many of the NBC cases are getting interviewed? 39:39:00
Using the AP. Does it mean I'm using the EAD or are they two different things? 40:05:00
Why are some of the I-94 extensions giving automatic revalidation successfully and why are some of them not? 41:10:00
If working on the AOS EAD do we need to file for the I-485J or use AC21 to work from home for the same job and same employer? 42:07:00
If I get a green card and then I get married to a girl from India. What options are available to bring her to the U.S.A. 43:04:00
The EB-2 filing was approved by the company but with the prevailing wage only mentioned four years of experience and now they are saying they can only file a EB-3 and no way to file EB-2. Is there any option to file EB-2? 44:53:00
Can I use automatic revalidation by going to Canada to India come back to Canada and come back to the U.S within 30 days? 45:42:00
My priority dat is Nov 2013. Should I interfile or refile? 46:12:00
My spouse got the H-4 approved until 2025 but the H-4 EAD is still pending. She wants to go to India for a couple of months and work from India until the end of August. Her current EAD is valid until the first week of August is that okay? 47:01:00
After the I-130 approval. The spouse has changed to Canadian citizenship. Will that now negatively affect the green card process? 48:12:00
Can I interfile from EB-3 to EB-2 with my old employer and still continue to work with both a new and old employer at the same time as the 180 day rule? 48:38:00
How long is it taking for the H-1B regular processing? 49:18:00
Filing EB-3 approved prevailing wage is it better to wait for new prevailing wage that has a EB-2 or should we file under EB-3? 49:45:00
Will green cards be spilled over from the family bases to women base for the next fiscal year? 50:56:00
The H-1B's automatically revoked. I moved on to EAD in December 2021 is this concerning? 51:31:00
I have an EB-2 I-140 approval did the downgrade to EB-3 in October 2020. The EB-3 I-140 is still pending and I would like to know to do an interfile id it just a letter or do you need a supplement J? 52:25:00
Can I withdraw the EB-3 downgrade amendment application filed after using advanced parole? 53:23:00
2014 priority date downgrade October 2020 our company got acquired. What are the steps back to EB-2? 56:12:00
I filed the EB-3 in October 2020 and the interfile March 2022 and wants to know can we put in a service request based on the October 2020 receipt date since that is the same application? 57:17:00
I had a 2014 priority date downgraded in October 2020 and the company got acquired and wants to know what are the steps to get back to EB-2? 59:28:00