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Duplicate H-1B Registrations in Lottery Leading to Permanent Bar

Video Transcript

Will the drop box appointments be extended for the next year? 24:31:00
For an H4 visa interview at the consulate, can they go based on an H1-B receipt notice that is not yet approved? 25:22:00
GC holders cannot stay outside of the U.S. more than six months in a year without a re-entry permit, are they saying same calendar year or one year? 26:07:00
I interfiled to EB-2 first with my existing I-140 petitioner, can I move to a different company in less than 180 days from the time when the j-supplement was filed? 28:02:00
I wrote letters to the Senator, my case has been stuck at NBC for 8 weeks, anything I can do to make them notice it? FOIA request etc? 29:50:00
My wife's I-45 application, which is still pending, even though my green card was approved last month 34:50:00
Can I work a second job while the 485 is pending more than 180 days, and have not received the EAD? 37:12:00
How long is it taking for the I-140 premium processing upgrade notice? 37:36:00
Does automatic revalidation clear issues in gap of employment and not be issued stamping? 39:34:00
I received the 485 j receipt notice, does that mean the interfile request is accepted? 39:58:00
To transfer from EB-3 to EB-2, does it require redoing the perm and I-140? 41:58:00
Our priority date is November 2013, perm is approved, should we file I-140 and 485 separately or together? 43:06:00
Is it a good idea to interfile if I already filed EB2 in January? 45:07:00
I have my H1 extension approved, but spouse H4 extension is still pending. Can we both go to Canada and get visa stamped? 46:10:00
I have an approved I-140, but my priority date is not current, can I apply for a 485? 48:31:00
I am on H1B and with an approved I-140, can I work two jobs? 48:45:00
What is the impact on the green card processing if I get a promotion after my perm is approved, but before my I-140 and I-45 are filed? 49:18:00
Is there anyway you can help move my case from Nebraska to NBC? 51:00:00
What is the criteria or trend you're noticing for I-485 interview waivers? 52:31:00
My company has been acquired by another company in January of 2022, can I file an I-140 EB2 amendment in premium processing? 53:50:00
Can me and my attorney choose the filing location for my H1B petition or is it based off of something mandatory? 55:05:00
Can I do two jobs from two different end clients with my employer? 56:43:00