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EAGLE Act Bill Passed in House Judiciary – What Are Its Chances to Become Law?

Video Transcript

Questions Time Stamp
Is it mandatory by law for the employer to cover the H1 and H4 visa fees charges? 12:28:00
If a case gets moved from Texas or Nebraska would it immediately move to a field office or will it sit at the NBC for a while before moving to a field office?  13:07:00
My company lawyer only wants to file interfiling, how can I convicne them? 13:56:00
Is there any tips on how to ask questions to Emma and is there any issue with contacting them frequently?  14:21:00
H1B transfer application has been filed with reciept notice, can I work for 2 companies at the same time? 15:41:00
I have a canadian visitor visa and my H1B requires stamping but I have a valid I94. Any issues traveling to Canada?  16:08:00
Will tax audit cause any immigration issue? 17:02:00
EB2 priority date is December 2011 filed the 485 in December 2021 and stuck in Nebraska. No update what do I do? 17:37:00
PERM filing delayed less than 365 days left in the 6 years oh H1B what are the options? 18:39:00
Downgrade application pending and refiled EB2. Can you use advanced parole that came with first 485? 20:23:00
Lawyer wants to file I140 and EB2 I185 is current should he file concurrently or stand alone? 21:18:00
Downgrade filed in 2020, fingerprinting done, interfiled the medicals and interfiled EB2 in Febraury 2022. I got a new job offer is it ok to get a new job? 23:14:00
I-140 is approved with previous company the priority date is current with current company. Haven't started PERM process what are your suggestions? 24:18:00