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Employment Based AOS (I-485) Interview: Do You Need a Lawyer to Accompany You.

Video Transcript

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Interview Questions for the AOS

They will go through most of the I-485 form questions:

After going through the I-485 form, the officer may make you sign a document

Questions about your Job:

When did you start the job?

How did you get the job?

Who offered the job?

What is the title of the person who was offered the job?

What is the name of the person who hired you?

What client do you work for?

Please explain in layman terms your job duties.

What does your company do?

Explain how many people work with you?

How many interviews did you have to do to get the job?

The officer may make you sign the document with your answers.

They may ask for a fresh employment confirmation letter and take your tax returns & W-2s for the record.

Documents that you need to take with you:

All passports, current and expired (be prepared, if asked, to show from the stamps that you have, that you never overstayed your I-94 admission grants);

All immigration documents:

Birth certificate

Employment confirmation letter signed recently by your employer

Marriage Certificate

Income tax returns from the past 5 years. (Take two versions–the one you filed and the second one from–it takes about 15 minutes to get them online)

W-2’s from the past 5 years. Work and/or travel authorization documents (ex. All H-1B approval notices, I-20’s, EAD cards, etc.);

Any other documents you feel might help please take them with you.

Take your latest paystubs.

Medicals (if you have not submitted it before)

Living Together Documents (If you are married) (only take 4 to 6 of them) 

Deed to property showing both names

Mortgage or loan documents showing both names

Lease agreement showing both names

Driver’s licenses or IDs showing the same address

Bank statements showing the same address

Bills: Electricity, water, gas, trash, cable, internet, cell phone, etc. which show the same address

Property insurance agreements, statements, or cards showing the same address

Health and life insurance statements showing the same address

Photos from the couple’s wedding, honeymoon, vacations, family dinners, holidays, etc. (Recommendation: List the names of any other individuals in the photos as well as the approximate date and location)

Travel itineraries and hotel bookings from joint vacations or trips

Photos from joint vacations or trips, particularly trips abroad to visit family members

Tickets to events you both attended or plan to attend

Receipts for any gifts you have purchased for each other