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FOIA Filed with USCIS to Obtain Employment-Based I-485 Data

Video Transcript

FOIA Filed with USCIS to Obtain Employment-Based I-485 Data
Changing Jobs When I-485 is Pending - AC21 and I-485J
Biden Administration Aims at Reducing Backlog
H-4's Without Biometrics - Is USCIS adjudicating along with H-1B?

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Perm Labor approval & I-140 Petition (if you do not have I-140 petition and labor approval you can obtain the same from this link please give your I-140 information and request for the I-140 Petition – note I-140 petition has your Perm Labor approval)
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My wife & husband are both filing 485 with different employers, can we use the same medicals & why?  15:05
Currently working on H4 Ead, my employer also filed an H-1B, husbands employer aslo filed an H-1B. When that gets approved do they really need to withdraw the H4? 16:16
Questions regarding the predicitions of the upcoming priority dates? 17:18
My priority date is 2019, should I downgrade right now or wait until the OCT visa bulletin?  17:41
My priority date is 2014 if I start my labor what are the chances? 20:07
Would there be any problem when I apply for an H4 visa if I previously got a B2 extension denied when I was in the USA? 21:19
Questions regarding the birth certificates from India & affidavits. 22:57
Has an EB-3 approval where the priority date is current but she is outside the US due to an H-1B denial. Wants to know can I process my GC after I enter the US anytime in the next few years? 25:19:00
My EB2 I-140 is approved in the consular processing is it better to downgrade to EB 3 or wait until my priority date to become ccurrent? 26:48:00
What is the work flow with USCIS whe  the priority date becomes current? Does the file need to move to the national benefits center or field office for the 485 approval?  28:09:00
He is getting his labor approved & his employer has a previous priorty date of July 2015, the employer will only file one I-140 not two, should he file in EB-2 or EB-3?  30:09:00
My spouse's L2 visa appt got cancelled & she is not able to enter the US can she come in on the B1/B2 then file a change of status to L2?  31:55:00
How long should one stick with the sponsering employer after getting the green card?  33:16:00
Can you please guide us, what should we do with the physical therapist prevailing wage?  33:35:00
Processing time for prevailing wage & labor certification?  36:52:00
The priority date is Nov 1 2011 but the receipt dates are incorrectly marked as Dec 2020. The I-140 has already been approved & the biometrics are done is it safe to change employers since it will be 180 days? 37:29:00
Questions regarding the downgrades? 38:23:00
Got called for a biometric appt for the 485 but stuck in India due to the travel ban, how many times can I reschedule? 41:17:00
After 180 days if I have an approved I-140 but no EAD can I change jobs?  42:20:00
Process of submitting the medicals? 43:02:00
The L2 EAD renewal fees, he sent $410 with with application however USCIS rejected it. 43:34:00
I'm on H-1B status & the H-1B is not stamped and the passport has a valid I-94 can I go to Canada for two weeks & return on automatic revalidation policy? 44:18:00
What's the typical & average percentage of duplicates in approved I-140s? 44:58:00
Has an H-1B max out coming in July, PERM application is still in process. Planning to file change of status to H4 to stay beyond July. Do I have to wait 365 days once my I-140 is approved?  46:54:00
Employer name change. Do we need to file an I-140 amendment? 47:40:00
Did I hear correctly for no interview for employment based? 47:56:00
If the automatic I-94 validation while traveling from Canada to US works even if the expired H-1b stamp is for a different employer compared to the current H-1b approval notice?  50:41:00
I believe you mentioned with the predictions, same as me with what you predicted with 2015. My employer is only giving option for EB2 or EB3. My priority date is 2016 what would you do?  51:40:00
What are the next steps if the EB2 I-140 was filed for consular processing and the priority date becomes current? I am outside of the US 53:17:00
Emma says biometrics are scheduled but I have not received a notice. 485 was file in Oct 2020. Case is not updated tho.  54:27:00
Can we file the EB3 dowgrade I-140 as a new petition before waiting for the filing dates? 55:20:00
If there are tons of Visas wasted this year, do you see EB2 & EB3 moving the same rate as last year?  56:12:00