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H-1B Cap Filing Window Ending in One Month

Video Transcript

If I-45 transfers are still happening from the Texas service center to the Nebraska service center? 11:15

We interfiled and moved to eb2 and got the receipt on may 5th, but we don't know if our medicals got 

attached or not should we go and voluntarily file the medicals?

Can you both interfile and file a set of I-45s in the eb2 category because the i-45 was filed based on eb3 downgrade in October 2020? 14:19:00
What would happen if I leave the USA while the 485 is pending and the ap is pending and received the e80 only, I'm working on the 485 ead, can I enter an h4 for my wife and h1b for me and then continue to work on the 485 ead? 16:06:00
Processing times at the Texas service center increasing from 15 months to 33 months 17:27:00
My priority date became current in December 2021, if I can't apply for the 485 within one year because the gp process is still being transferred to the current company in eb2, can I apply for the 485 in eb3 since its not current and I have that with my previous employer? 18:50:00
Do you need to be in an non-immigrant status in order to refile an advanced poll application? 21:00:00
What is USCIS doing? 22:34:00
Will she have any problems coming back to the U.S. with that same b1 b2 visa? 23:54:00
I refiled in early May and got the receipt numbers in a week from emma but he did not receive the 485 j receipt is that a concern? 25:34:00
My child's I-45 application which was submitted in eb3 and her age was locked in under CISPA, when the eb3 I-45 was filed, and if they interfiled now to eb2, would that affect anything? 26:06:00
My company attorney is filing a eta 9089 with additional responsibilities, I already have an approved I-140 and eb-2 which is current for June, is it a good idea to submit a new 9089 at this time which has no premium processing? 26:51:00
Can my employer file the eb-2 for myself as the principal with my wife as the dependent? 29:18:00
What is the approximate timeline for processing a 485 at the national benefit center? 30:43:00
What would be the consequences of changing employers less than 180 days after he has submitted an intrafile request to move from eb3 to eb2? 31:38:00
My priority date is June 2014 and I changed employers after filing the 485pb3, now that employer is not willing to file an eb2, may I file the 485 and eb2 using the 485j and ac21 through the current employer? 33:38:00
Is it necessary to have a Master's degree or Bachelor's degree plus 5 years of experience in order to qualify for the eb-2 category? 34:58:00
Do we need to amend the h1b, refile the perm in the i-140 and the supplement j if there is a merger of the current organization and its registered as a new company? 36:15:00
Do you think there will be a second round of h1b lottery selections this year? 38:08:00
My daughter is not a U.S. citizen, which option will prevent her from aging out when she turns 21, interfiling to eb2 or refiling an eb2? 39:48:00
Is the I-94 attached to the I-797 approval notice still valid? 41:05:00
My wife is the primary applicant for our 485 application, we did the interfile request at the Nebraska service center, she needs to quit her job, can I file now another 485 as the primary and her as the dependent because my priority date is also current? 43:09:00
Do I need to get a new medical exam or submit the previous one? 43:56:00
Do I need to amend my EB-2 I-140 since the petitioner on that is company A? 45:40:00
Can my employer file an H1B application from now even though he was outside for less than one year? 46:44:00
My gc is approved, my wife is currently on h4 and her 485 is still pending, her ead is also pending, what happens with her status now? 48:14:00
What does USCIS do when your final action date becomes current for your application that were filed when your file dates were current? 49:29:00
The I-140 has been approved, but my employer is not sharing the details. How do I get the details? 50:42:00
Can I upgrade from EB3 to EB2? 51:44:00
My current work location is Pennsylvania and my perm is in progress, if I move to California and work for the same employer do we need to file the perm again? 53:06:00
Will a promotion affect my pending I-140 and I-45 applications? 54:15:00
I have to travel to India and return on June 24th, my visa stamp will expire June 26th, two days later, if I don't get the dropbox appointment, can I still travel and return safely? 55:24:00
Can we each file as a principle with each other as a dependent? 56:32:00
The perm was filed in December 2021, due to personal circumstances I'm moving back to India in July, while I am in India can the I-140 be filed, my H1B is maxing out in January 2023. 57:39:00