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I-129 Receipt Notice Delays and Auto-Extension of Work Authorization State

Video Transcript

My priority date is March 2012, did a downgrade back in 2020, did a interfiling in 2022, I got the ead and ap approved, we are still waiting 485 to be approved, should we re-file an eb2? 25:05:00
I submitted my medicals with the 485 back in November 2020, are these medicals valid for two years til November 2022? 26:04:00
We filed the 485, 765, I-131, after the I-140 was approved in January 2022, priority date is current, and the biometrics were done in March, after this nothing has happened. Is this normal? 26:49:00
Will USCIS adjudicate the green card with a successor of interest receipt, or will they wait for the sucessor of interest petiton to be approved, I need to include the success of interest receipt along with the interfile, since the eb2 I-140 has the old company name. 27:38:00
My perm was approved, I need my I-140 approved quickly so my spouse can get an h4 ead, should I file regular and then upgrade after getting the receipt notice or should I go ahead and file the I-140 straight in premium? 28:37:00
Is it safe to use a green card ead or ap for travel? We are in the October 2020 batch, we are still waiting for the green card, is there a chance of denial of the green card? 29:29:00
I have a prioirty date of 2009 on eb-2, I departed the US in 2011, I came back almost a decade later on h-4, can I still use the I-140 priority date of 2009? Can the new employer file the perm? 30:33:00
Does the 485 approval depend on the country of birth? 31:48:00
Priority date is June 2015, I think that the new employer is filing a perm of Feburary of this year, once that perm is approved, can I file the I140 in both eb-2 and eb-3 premium processing? 32:30:00
My eb-2 got approved but my eb-3 485 was denied, and then I got a letter saying to return the eb-3 ead and ap to the local USCIS office. Is this expected and do I get any acknowledgement after return? 34:02:00
The priority date is May 2015 eb2 India, what are the chances of the priority date being current? 34:59:00
The case portal was updated on June 2nd, saying they're sending an interview for the 485, but it is still the same status today, is there anyway you can expedite the interview? 35:22:00
Priority date is Feburary 2015, both eb-2 and eb-3 are approved with the same emplyoer, any chance this being current and do I need to file the I-140 again? 36:16:00
My 485 765 and 131 all went to the National Benefits Center, but then the 485 got transferred to Texas, in the meantime the ead and ap were approved at the NBC, what are the chances my application moves back to the NBC? 36:55:00
What does it mean when customer service says biometrics has been applied to your case? 37:59:00
I have an eb-2 prioirty date of June 2015, my employer filed for the perm in Feburary of this year due to a job code change, should I file the I-140 in both eb-2 and eb-3 and in premium processing, and can I do this concurrently? 38:28:00
Can I upgrade from eb-3 to eb-1 currently now on L1-A? 40:05:00
Do you have any help or info around the lack of dropbox appointments in India? Theres lots of appeals discussing on Twitter, but nothing has improved. 40:48:00
I have 11 months left on my h1 6 year limit, prevailing wage for their perm was submitted this week, what are the chances of getting the perm approved within this time and what options are available if it doesn't get approved? 42:15:00
I have a priority date of eb-2 of August 2013, I got my I-140 approved recently but the priority date was wrongly given. The attorney emailed USCIS, should I wait for the corrected I-1-40 or send my 485 petition as soon as possible? 43:25:00
My eb-3 I-140 is still pending, do you think requesting premium will help my case? 44:08:00
I interfiled back to eb-2 from eb-3, both I-140s are approved, my priority date is 2011, my expedite request is denied, but my biometrics are done, and got my ead ap, what can I do now? Should I send the medicals again? 45:04:00
I replied to a medical rfe on an eb3 downgrade in late November 2021, but I don't see any case status updates. Do I need to send the medicals again or is it still good to interfile for eb-2 without medical rfe response? 46:20:00
I have a eb-2 priority date and the labor was recently completed with my new employer and the I-140 is currently in process, I am currently in Canada, what should I do for the last step? Consular process or come back to the US on h1b and do adjustment of status? 47:01:00
My employer refiled the I-140 June 2020, now that the I-140 that they refiled, the perm is expired. What are the chances of getting the approval for me? 48:43:00
I have my I-140 approved with a previous employer, I moved to a new employer and are filing the perm in August, what category should I go for, eb-2 or eb-3 with the new employer? 50:09:00
I got my I-140 approved, and the same company that did the I-140 gave me a promotion, does the company start the gc process again? Can they use the same priority date? 50:49:00
I filed the 485 with an approved eb-3 and the date was retrogressed, however the green card got approved last week. I have a eb-2 approval with a previous employer that is still valid. 52:22:00
Can you let me know the basis for requests to expedite advanced parole to travel to India? 53:32:00
Local Minnesota field office is deadly slow, 2022 eb-2 waiting for interview scheduled, my interfiling is done and what are the chances of a 2020 filing without an interview? 55:05:00
Is it possible to file a perm I-140 through an employer different from a h1-b employer? If so what are the requirements and is there any merits or demerits to this? 55:48:00
Can we respond to an rfe long after the permitted time window has expired? It seems like online the 485 application is still active. 58:20:00
Can one work if the h4 and h4 ead are pending? Does the 540 day rule apply? 58:59:00
Can I change my employer after getting the ead approved but before the 485 is approved? 59:53:00