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Immigration Aspects of Working Remotely

Video Transcript

Immigration Aspects of Working Remotely
Wage-Based H-1B Lottery System
EB-2 vs EB-3 Which One is Better?
EAGLE Act (H.R. 3648) Per-Country Quota Limit - Update

We recommend that you write a letter to your Congressmen – Please find the draft at this link:
Letter to Ombudsman Regarding Employment Based Green Card Wastage
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Visa Bulletin cutoff dates may advance significantly in October 2021 for Eb-2 and Eb-3 India, If you anticipate that your priory date my become current this October, for a limited time Reddy & Neumann PC. Is offering to prepare the entire I-485 Adjust of Status application package now.
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How to Interfile Your Medical Exam with Pending I-485
Perm Labor approval & I-140 Petition (if you do not have I-140 petition and labor approval you can obtain the same from this link please give your I-140 information and request for the I-140 Petition – note I-140 petition has your Perm Labor approval)
If you do not have a Birth Certificate –Please follow these links:

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Does the time spent by the child outside the U.S. will it be taken off from the CSPA or will it be deducted from the 21 years of age.  14:54
What is the recent priority date approval downgrade period in your office?  15:28
The birth certificate is missing the last name of the parent, will this be an issue?  16:03:00
Two full-time jobs, are they allowed in EAD?  16:55:00
My 485 status changed to new card is being produced today. 17:23:00
We did not file the medicals with the 485, if we want to right now can we send the medicals without the RFE using the 485 receipt for reference?  17:40:00
Are you seeing any progress in consular processing for employment based immigration petitions?  18:25:00
Is there any update on the FOIA in which Reddy and Neumann requested for the I-485 data?  18:50:00
My priority date is June 12, 2019 in EB2. What are the prospects in the next 3-4 years? Should I think about downgrading?  19:21:00
How much distance from the work location is considered working remotely or when is an amendment needed?  21:38:00
I have applied for my I-140 downgrade with premium and got an RFE, already responded to it 30 days ago & the status has not yet been updated?  22:36:00
Is it good to file the downgrade right now or should I wait until Oct 2021 to file it?  23:17:00
I have applied for my I-140 downgrade with premium and got an RFE, already responded to it 30 days ago & the status has not yet been updated?  22:36:00
Is it good to file the downgrade right now or should I wait until Oct 2021 to file it?  23:17:00
Filed a EB3 downgrade last October and has tried to upgrade it premium processing three times & has not gotten any response, not even a rejection notice. Is this normal?  24:54:00
The priority date is 2016 should I change the job now? 25:40:00
Has an H4 extension application pending for the last 6 months. Has since renewed my passport because it was expiring in less than a year, can I interfile the new passport to avoid the I94?  27:28:00
What about the distance of 100 miles and its 1.5 hour?  28:07:00
Has an I-140 approved with company A then moved to company B and filed an I-140 with company B. Ported the priority date, now he has prevailing wage determination going on with company C. Can I file the 485 using the offer from company A still? 28:53:00
What are the restrictions on H4 EAD job or business?  29:37:00
If my EAD is still pending and has been more than 180 days since the 485 was filed. Do I still need an H4 amendment to work from another state?  30:34:00
AOS EAD, can I have two w-2's, working for two different companies?  31:09:00
The  I797 original copy of the approval that got lost in the mail when being sent from her employer to her. She needs to get stamping for her visa & needs to know if she needs to get the original or a copy sufficient.  32:00:00
What are the eligibility requirements for the downgrade from EB2 to EB3?  32:41:00
IS there any way to make the Texas Service Center expedite their processing times? 34:39:00
Received two biometrics, one for the 485 and another for the 765. The 765 was filed later after getting the receipt for the 485. Is this common or do I need to notify USCIS? 35:35:00
When do you think that the travel ban will be lifted for Indians?  36:14:00
Questions regarding the EAD expedite requests?  36:55:00
Has an H-1B with company A & plans to accept an offer from company B. Wants to know should she start working for company B while the transfer if filed or should I wait for the approval?  37:47:00
Questions in regard to the 2020 priority date. When is it expected to be current?  38:38:00
If we file both the EB2 & EB3 I-140 applications at the same time, can the employee pay for it instead of the employer?  39:49:00
Is Canada or Mexico a better alternative to get the stamping done at this point of time? If so, which one is best?  40:14:00
Charlie is not expecting the filing dates to move next year with as many 485's pending? 40:53:00
How long can I work from India for a U.S. employer on an H-1B?  41:11:00
How much time is it taking for the H1B extension premium processing?  41:50:00
If I need to renew my passport after filing the 485, how do I inform USCIS about my new passport?  42:05:00
Question about CSPA? 42:40:00
Has an H-1B transfer that was approved & he works for that company for two months. Now he wants to go back to the old company & wants to know if that can be done?  42:57:00
There's a mismatch names of immigration documents will that mess up the AOS application?  43:35:00
If we change the location of the job with the same employer do we need to file the I-140 one more time? 44:18:00
Questions in regards to the birth certificate. I do not have a birth certificate what should I do?  45:11:00
Wife is on L1A & also got selected in the second lottery for an H-1B. Once the H-1B is approved is there a process to move from L1A to H-1B or is it automatically affective? 46:52:00
Is it suggestable to move from company A to company B. I140 has been approved for less than 6 months. 47:52:00
Does the priority date considered to adjudicate the 485 application?  49:11:00
Will there be premium processing of H4 & H4 EAD starting in September? 49:34:00
Has the H-1b stamping until December 2022. Can I travel to India and come back or do I need an NIE?  50:10:00
I-140 has been approved; there is a typo in the I-140 for the company’s name. Will that be an issue for the 485 application?  51:23:00
Why PERMS that were filed in February are still pending with the DOL but are approving March PERMS left and right? 51:43:00
Can I file EB2 to EB3 if I have I-140 approved in NIW? 52:25:00
USCIS can take 60 days after an RFE responded when the case is in premium processing. His has been pending for 45 days & still no decision? 53:14:00
The people who got texts and RFE for medicals, if they responded, do we expect them to get the GC before Sept. 2021? 53:53:00
Why the Texas Service Center is so slow in processing? 54:36:00