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Immigration Provisions in Reconciliation Passed by House Panel

Video Transcript

How Would Employment-Based Immigrants Benefit from the Budget Reconciliation Bill?
October 2021 Visa Bulletin & What Can We Expect in the Future
Changing Employers While AOS is Pending

Take Action: Urge Congress To Include Fair Immigration Reforms Through The Budget Reconciliation

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How to Interfile Your Medical Exam with Pending I-485
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Questions Time Stamp
$5,000 dollar provision applying for 485, is it used for the green card or EAD? 20:51:00
Does working for a university, does it qualify for the essential worker? 21:25:00
Do remote workers work for essential employees or does it have to be onsite? Do you have to be exactly working from January 2020 through August 2021? 22:42:00
I have some doubts, if I send this letter to the representative, what is the guarantee that they will read the letter or will they ignore?  23:52:00
Got his H-1B CAP case approved last week and this week got the H4 EAD approved. Wants to know if there is going to be a conflict between the H4 EAD and the H-1B status?  29:36:00
Does working as a Software Engineer for Aetna qualify as an essential worker? 30:26:00
Does teaching qualify as acritical essential worker?  30:45:00
What will happen to the rest of the world's applicants , will there be any effect of them? Is the country quota totally removed? 33:46:00
Where is the letter you refer to for sending to the law makers? 34:48:00
Does the bill have to be passed by September 30th? Can it go beyond that? 35:16:00
My priority date is  November 2018, am I qualified for the $5000 to pay for my green card? 36:34:00
I have an approved I-140 with my previous employer. I want to know how long can we use that to extend or transfer the visa with the new employer? What if the new employer is not initiating the green card process, can we use that old employers I-140 approval to transfer or extend? 40:10:00
Can this bill be restricted or can it be blocked? 41:07:00
With this new provision to file the green card by paying $5000, should we be working for the company that has the approved I-140 or does it matter? 42:12:00
I wrote the letter, my representative is a Republican, does it still work?  42:48:00
Can I use an older priority date for this or does it have to be the latest I-140 that has to be only two years old? 44:47:00
Is it a good idea to change my employer right now when the priority date is 2019? 45:24:00
Does a Physical Therapist qualify as an essential worker? 45:37:00
What would be the impact on pending applications with the EB3 retrogression coming? 46:26:00
What if the child entered when they were 18 but left to go back and get the F-1 later and came back. Has been here since 2016 except leaving in between. 47:59:00
What happens to the application filed last October if the budget reconciliation is passed & our applications are still pending?  49:23:00
People who are working for Uber, Lyft, door dash, etc. are they considered essential workers? 49:54:00
So anyone with an August 2021 priority date can apply for AOS in August 2022? 50:14:00
If I qualify for essential worker, should I not take a vacation to India? 51:21:00
Has a priority date in September 2018 but has changed employers in the last few months. Do I need to port my I-140 to the new employer before I am eligible?  53:01:00
I work at Pfizer for vaccine projects and working during COVID, will I be eligible for essential worker green card?  53:26:00
Does being out of the country for a month on vacation defeat the continuous stay in the US from January 2021?  54:26:00
They already filethe AOS, do they still need to pay the $5000?  54:52:00