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May Visa Bulletin – Will the Dates Continue to Move?

Video Transcript

Questions Time Stamp
485 application moved to field office. 23:56:00
Any comments on Zoe Lofgren's jumpstart the legal immigration system act? 25:57:00
I have filed my 485 with company b under EB3 can I file for 485 appliation with company a for EB2? 27:04:00
Can we request to transfer our case to NBC? 27:25:00
EB2 AOS pending at NBC since December 6, have we seen any approvals in this time frame? 27:57:00
My AOS is pending from December 2020 but I am trying to travel.  28:32:00
I am a physical therapist, can I apply for expidited 485 EAD under humanitarian grounds? 29:02:00
Got promoted to manager and I-140 is approved in EB-2 working for a hospital. Can I upgrade to EB-1 because of this manager role? 29:35:00
Priority date is May 2014, if I apply for I-485 in April when can I expect an EAD AP? 30:15:00
In 2020 we filed the 485 and EB-3 and in order to take advantage of those EB-3 dates, my attorney ammended the EB-2 to EB-3. Can we ask USCIS to use the EB-2 in interfiling? 30:56:00
Why don't we have H!B stamping in US only? 31:43:00
Is there any chance the PERM and I-140 times can come down? 33:51:00
What is the difference between file and refile? 35:02:00
My AOS is pending December 2020 and also gave biometrics what are my options to travel? 36:46:00
Priority date is May 2016 EB3 should I convert to EB2 as EB3 is not moving.  37:58:00
After the primary applicant recieves the GC and the priority date retrogresses. The dependents are still wiating for green card, can the dependent still be eligible to get the green card. 38:53:00
My priority date is current, I am filing I-140 and and 485 concurrently. Any downside for filing I-140 without premium processing? 39:46:00
I'm in my final semester of my Master's and my H-1B has been picked in the lottery. Can I travel during the filing of  my application and what do I do at the port of entry? 41:05:00
Any possibility for EB-2 priority date to move from March of 2015?  42:33:00
My employer is bankrupt and closed and that is the company I have the I-140 with. That I-140 got approved. Do I need to start the I-140 and PERM again? 43:58:00
If the primary applicant travels on AP and the dependents are here while the H4 extension is pending. The H1B is already approved. Will this cause any problems with the H4 extension? 44:56:00
Eb2 and EB3 I-140 approved with same company He filed the 485 using the EB3 I-140. Is interfiling required or will USCIS automatically adjuticate it in EB2? 45:15:00
Can my wife travel outside of the U.S. while her H4 EAD is in process and how long is this taking? 46:04:00
What is the process to correct the date of birth in the dependants approval if it is printed wrong and how long does it take? 46:55:00
Drop box appointments in India 48:02:00
Is there improvement in advanced parole approvals? 48:49:00
H4 application pending changing job is it an issue? 49:22:00
Do we have any statistics on this years H1B lottery and what is the possibility of another lottery? 50:15:00
I-140 approval in EB3 approved in November 2021. Since the EB2 dates are moving can I file I-140 premium processing? 51:21:00
Have we started receiving the 485 J reciepts for interfiling that we did in the last week of January? 52:15:00
Can EB3 I-140 be adjuticated through premium processing? 52:37:00
When changing jobs within the 180 days after an interfile do I need to use the EAD or the H1B to use AC21 portability? 53:34:00
What are the risks of changing the job 180 days after interfiling EB2 upgrade application? 54:31:00
I-140 approved in both EB2 and EB3 same company. The 485 was applied in EB3. Attorney sent request that it be considered in EB2. Do I need to send the 485 J? 55:31:00
What are the chances for May 2015 to be current? 56:11:00
What actually happens in a non local field office?  57:33:00
Going for stamping but the company was acquired and the I797 has the old company name. Is that an issue? 59:54:00
Filed for EB3 twice rejected should I refile the application or interfile? 60:37:00